Sunday, November 18, 2018

slammige cru #2 (let us now praise hardcore's other Michael Wells)

yes - as i just learned in the nick of time, before repeating the mistake already made a few times - the Michael Wells in GTO is not the same Michael Wells in Force Mass Motion

biographical snippet from Discogs

"Heavily influenced by Humanoid's "Stakker Humanoid" and the Sterns club in Worthing. He started making dance tracks in 1989. He was discovered by Colin Faver after sending in a tape to his "Demo DAT Pressure" section on his Kiss FM show. He combined his music production in the early 90s with studying Aerospace Engineering at Kingston University"

Force Mass Motion made many bangers, many many blasters

And actually - I did not know this - a whole album in 1992 for Rabbit City, that may well qualify in the Leaving Earth list of Rave LPs

Which funnily enough seems to have been reissued this very year by a label called Music Preservation Society

you can hear the whole thing here

Music Preservation Society has quite a trove of slammige on YouTube - stuff that it is reissuing in remastered form on vinyl

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Charlie w said...

Absolutely should have been in Leaving Earth's list. I forgot about it too! Strong album, if somewhat formulaic, but a good formula. Now it really stands out to me as the blueprint for 1994/95 happy hardcore