Monday, November 26, 2018

London Massien

Had some hopes for this guy's music a while back there - and hopes for the scene that he represented (or perhaps rather for a particular wing of, or tendency within, that scene: the darker, sparser, bass-ier, doomier, colder imperative).

But then he seemed to disappear from view, and the scene itself seemed to veer away from the interesting impulses within it, the very ones that you were really hoping would escalate and intensify - and instead steered straight for the most straightforward, already-heard-before, residual elements, the most deadening and leaden aspects within its sound-scope.

But Man like Hugo's back with a maxi-EP on Blackdown of tunes from a few years ago, and an accompanying interview with Martin Clark

And below is a recent-ish mix of forthcoming material by Mr Massien.

Here's another recent tune

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Frankie Waring said...

The track with Calle Lebraun on there is insane but the other 3 are kind of disappointing IMO. I got a ZIP from him with all his unreleased bits from that period and there is a slew of much better tunes but I guess it's worth the asking price for the aforementioned tune alone.

What do you think about his output on E-Beamz? I still prefer the 4x4 stuff (including Network Processor with DJ Haus) to the trendier breakbeat stuff, which feels a bit sluggish and is harder to work on the dancefloor (although pretty!)