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horrible person the singer but this is one of the tunes of year innit (annoyed to find that it's diplo on production + afrojack!)

version with da brat and Jermaine dupri

slowed down by swishahouse

a dirty electro version

and a bootleg version i think with a different rapper

well it sounds great in the car...

like that UKG circa "Gabriel" pseudo-sax robo-lick

and vocal wibbles

who are these Cataracs then? and why are all their tunes on the sleazy tip?

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archive of dj sets from Radio One's One In the Jungle show

this old skool set of 90-92 trax by Slipmatt (w/ Dett on the mic), broadcast in August 1997, is fantabulous -- i was in the country at the time and taped this, still go the cassette - early part of the mix (90, first half of 91, is full of tunes-i-never-been-able-to-identify...

"time to close your eyes and reminisce - but not if you're driving though"

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ketstep data dump

(most data dates from late 2008 early 2009 w/ a few later additions)

i dunno, i definitly dont think you can just say it "good vs bad" production, as theres definitly an aesthetic descision involved, its not like if one were trying to make a sound much like caspa for example but didnt know how youd end up with this weird throaty tone, youd just end up with a midrange wobble that wasnt loud enough or EQ'd badly. i think its easy to say you dont like somthing so its just "bad" production, there are different choices involved.

i also do think that it does link up with dubstep becoming more of a grungy squatter music, excessive violent/disgusting imagery when commenting on it (just look at youtube for examples, worth a thread in itself...), and, dont wanna mention a crass drug/music link but ketamin being pretty popular in the squat scene.

Monsta -- breakdown

Cluekid - Frogs on acid

Cluekid -- frogs on acid SCREWED

Stenchman - Too Much Ket - dub / Stenchman - The Mong Song / Stenchman - Stop Doing Weird Things - dub /Stenchman - Be Careful How U Use It - dub / Stenchman - Only Human / Suspicious Stench - Diahorrea - dub

Salford Online/I emerge inside the desolate building to witness what seems like hundreds of people packed in like sardines, manically pogoing to the ominous and sludgy beats of Dj Stenchman’s dubstep. …"It’s not about making money for us and it never will be. We’ll leave that to the clubs in town” says Martin, a party organiser based in Manchester. …““I think there has definitely been a shift in the overall vibe of parties, especially in the past ten years or so.” He goes on to say that “the whole, loved up, ecstasy driven thing has kind of faded away…" the music has become a lot more “dark and aggressive” with the rise of “hard techno and dubstep, which seem to be the preferred choice for all the party goers at the moment.” He also claims that this is “probably linked to the drugs that are being taken nowadays. It’s gone from everyone taking ecstasy, to everyone taking ketamine, which have completely opposite effects.”

Stenchman - Prime Time Swine - dub/ Stenchman - Gutfucker - dub/ Suspicious Stench - Putrid Creature VIP - dub /suspicious stench - masterblaster (uptall vip) / stenchman - gut fucker /pink floyd - comfortably numb (dz vs rastatronix remix)/ stenchman - computer expert

any chance of "computer expert"?? been gagging for this for a long time, an anonymous associate is prepared to offer a fair quantity of ketamine for a dubplate

Swim would recommend Bonobo or Stenchman, if ur into dubstep. Dubstep is MADE for K!
Swim also liked the Converting Vegetarians album by Infected Mushroom when circling the edges of a K-hole.

Borgore - Womanizer RMX/Bootleg (Dub/Filthstep)

I've been off dubstep for a long time now, pretty much for the last year but especially since I've moved to Bristol, where even the ketamine addled crusties who don't know if they're wearing pants underneath their ponchos know the name and catalogue number of the latest Borgore release.

*wonkstep-dubstep is even better listened to on ketamine (wonk-cause it makes you wonky)

I no longer party all night in muddy fields due to the change in party people! there just seems to be lots of anrgy K-heads! wat is the growing obsession with wonky dust? its dirty yuck! there seems to just be to much attitude!
"Ketamine's definitely on the increase."Drug researcher Dr Celia Morgan, University of London, in Through the K-Hole, Radio One documentary, autumn 2007.

Why Not 2 @ Scala -
I bopped on through the doors and gave face to face with Plastician absolutely murking. . Caspa on the decks. (Video courtesy of Gremzie) I actually am not going to write anymore about it. The rest of the night was alot, but pill/ketamine heads, if you're gonna do that ish, stay away from people who aint on that. Too many people with no idea about personal space just because they're away with the fairies.
Terrah Muzik's 'ketamine'

DJ SC's "50 CCs of ketamine"
new tune sounds duuuty gotta luv the ket+dubstep cocktail bruv xD

sigha - "do you have any ketamine?" [unreleased]

youtube Rusko's "Get Your Cock Out"
AnthonyThomson27 (1 month ago) Ketamine is god.
jimdornton (1 month ago) brap brap brap wong tong pan fried area in th shizzel fo niz got my money biatch? show me ur dollaz matey get wonkey tonk on stonK K K K K K K J K K K KI K K O OI K
doctornarcotic (1 month ago) ye man wonkiness in d area
XIjimmyXIthq (1 month ago) LETS ALL GET WONKY"!
lardchef (1 month ago) ketamiiiiiiiiiine mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
MCpapalop (1 month ago) special k is heavy. like this tune
zedooncadhz (1 month ago) ketamine + subdub
rusty4u2 (2 months ago) lol ketamine certainly gets you fucked mind - I had such strong K on saturday, never been so fuycked lol - This tune is fuckin bangin!
sjmeerkees (2 months ago) i hear farts

all im sayin is take a line of ketamine and go to dubstep rave it will change you - any one heard of the sayin dont knock it till you tried it!

Caspa - Floor Dem
StonerKid655321 (2 months ago) this is the soundtrack to ketamine.

it's no coincidence that dubstep has emerged alongside with the popularity of ketamine as a drug

caspa - rubber chicken
EasyReadingUK (3 weeks ago) try it on ket !!!

MaDMAnHD3 (5 months ago) ketamine :P
numbstateofennui (5 months ago) Special K, lol.
"I got holes in ma brain, holes holes in ma brain, I got..."
But yeah dubstep would probably sound really good on disassociatives, I know minimal does at any rate.
bringmemybow (7 months ago) wow, not sure if i've just done a load of Kay or this dub is making me forget who i am.
AmeniphusX (7 months ago) oh my fucking god. filth! pure fucking filth! this song is disgusting by all means! that bassline really just shits all over your face! heavy choon here.
Sixmyth (7 months ago) lyrics? its just a sample from the film Kids innit! if memory serves correct... Casper is fuct and talking shit in the bathtub at some random houseparty towards the end of the film...
OriginalNuttah93 (7 months ago)
hmm its somethin like 'friendly ghost, you know i'm the dopest ghost in towwnnnnn....the bitches all love me cause i'm fuckin Casspperrrr...(laughs)....fuck in shit'
jojo0017 (7 months ago) yeh i sip that lean and fire up the weed to this one.
Dannysince1985 (10 months ago) where can i get me some purple drank????
calyx06 (10 months ago) pharmacy, mix it with sprite, and start leaning yo

dubstep is so influenced by ketamine that to me you have to be on it to enjoy it. one of my mates called dubstep 'minimal drum and bass' which i though was quite good/funny.

Yeh, I know the perills of ket & dub, (not personally) but every night I go to it seems someone I'm with will either K-hole on the dancefloor or gets arrested. Probably one of the biggest threats to dubstep, is K.

a gram of special k - 20 pounds
massive sound system - a lot of pounds
Taking the k while listning to dubstep on the sound system - priceless
Best music ever apart from crust

People need to realise that a lot of sound systems are soley funded by K before saying its destroying the rave scene. I hear it all the time.

Youtube Loefah's Disko Rekah
smokedtoomuch (1 week ago) Ketamine?? damn straight
doggle10 (1 week ago) this shit is what weed was made for
milkmanpaz90 (1 week ago) nah bruv, this shit was made for wonkeying.. weed was made for everyone!

Thats why you will find A LOT of people full of Ketamine at Dubstep nights. The two go together a bit too well.

First time I listened to Dubstep (live), I was on a LSD+MDMA+K trip. It totally blew me away. That night, I felt in love with Dubstep. Then, I heard Skream play at Shambhala while I was on a Ketaflip (MDMA+K). It just felt like I knew this sound. As if all my life I had been waiting for this wild, yet very mechanical and alien sound. When I'm listening to Dubstep on K, I "know" that the DJ/producer is simply a tool in the hands of entities from the "other side". This music doesn't have anything human does it? In fact, I believe so much that Dubstep is the same feeling as Ketamine that when I discovered this genre of music, I was sure that it was a musical interpretation of this drug (dissociative music, instead of psychedelic music).

Kromestar, "Monged Out"

I love dubstep when I'm off my tits on ketamine. Womp womp womp womp.

Brighton's open minded outlook on the club scene and modern music overall for that matter has made dubstep a big thing here. Artists such as Stenchman, Caspa, Rusko and Kromestar run rings around the MD and Ketamine frazzled minds of people at my college, which sort of destroys my previous point of it just being about the music, but like all club assisted electronic music, drug culture nestles its way in quickly; Dubstep even now has its own custom made drug known as "Womp Dust" which is a mixture of Ketamine, MDMA and speed (rather not).

Well, doing keys of K while on MDMA is one of the best thing ever. It's actually called a Ketaflip. SWIM personally likes this combo to go dancing on dubstep and slow bass music. You feel the comfort and euphory of Ketamine, wich is different from the MDMA one, at the same time that you feel the MDMA energy and euphory. SWIM likes the robotic feeling Ketamine gives him, but if he doesn't do MDMA along with it, he feels too "heavy" to dance.

Having been hounded by the council over noise pollution at previous events, held across town at the infamous Black Swan, Subloaded seems more than settled in its new home tonight as it celebrates its third birthday — by 11.30 entry is ticket only; by midnight the club is bursting at capacity. On arrival there’s a rowdy assortment spilling into the road outside: students, dreads, dolled-up young girls, the fashionably shabby, the downright dishevelled, the stoned, the drunk and, inevitably, representation from Bristol’s ubiquitous ketamine crew. If this is any indication of what’s going off inside, it’s going to be one lively evening

I did a quick phoner interview with Herve last week and asked if he enjoyed the Annie Mac Presents night at Lakota, for him to tell me that it wasn't very banging at all and that he was wondering if there's a new drug in Bristol that makes people not want to party, I had to refrain from blurting out 'ketamine' in the MIDDdle of the office mid

i've got friends in Bristol who will travel to london just to go to dubstep nights because apparently the scene there is so ket-heavy that it's just no fun. they reckon the difference in crowds & atmospheres is so big that it might as well be 2 entirely different scenes // /i have never encountered it in the london/essex area until i came here - it's everywhere even outside of dubstep circles.///

In fairness I haven't been to many the last couple of years but the free party scene was becoming a massive K fest in Bristol and Wales. Obviously people were bang on everything else too but as soon as we got there we'd be on the hunt for some wonk. Mindless stumbling around in forests not having a clue what was going on was just part of the party experience lol. It's defintely about more and more now expecially with the younger ravers, I guess because it's cheap as fuck. Completely ruins the atmosphere imo.

I went to a 'dubstep night' tonight, that was incredibly mediocre.... my mates that used to take the piss out of me for listening to dubstep were really bored by the music until the K man turned up (with a polo ring around his face). Up until this point they wouldnt have been dancing, but as soon as K was in the equation suddenly it made their night go round.... I remember a time when i could say to people "dubstep isnt about drugs, its about the music", but to the masses this has clearly changed. Is Ketamine to blame for this, or is it a case of the massess wanting to get off their nut, and ketamine delivering? The tunes were really mediocre, and it was almost like K gave the tunes a seal of approval. Surely it should be about the Bass... not about tranquillizers? /// one of my mates has been on this crusade for ages, even made "dubstep against ketamine - only fools and horses" t-shirts /// Bristol seems to have a really bad Ketamine problem, and it doesn't matter what night you go to or who's playing, theres still LOADS of people wonkying donkeying it through the crowd. ///I know its each to their own when it comes to drug intake, but I still dont agree with the extent of K use that is happening in Dubstep nights across Bristol.///in all honesty, I agree with you. In no way do I resent anyone else's desire to take any drug - that's up to them - but I do feel it's a bit of a vibe-killer and K is certainly rife in Bristol. It's also one of the (variety of) reasons I haven't been to the last 2 or 3 Subloaded parties. /// for me, all of these forms of music are exciting (at least partially) because of their intensity, which im sure everyone can agree is tied closely to use of intense drugs - even within micro-context, in late 2006/7 EVERYONE was moaning about boring halfstep and too many boys smoking weed. now much of dubstep is rammed with garage drums, freak-out synth-lines - the shift to big rooms and loads of pill-heads has done some bad things but some of the music that has come (at least partially) as a consequence (Joker, Starkey etc) is next level - in any case, major trends in drug use usually reflect social trends of some sort, and undoubtedly reflect on something which is at the least interesting, if not always conducive to the funnest times for someone who isn't into that specific vibe /// ah this is bollocks, i love dubstep and i love K, the two combined is like a dream come

Quote from: cazwell on June 26, 2008, 09:47:23
Quote from: Koast (Central Spillz) on June 25, 2008, 09:36:40
That's raw!

West Country town eh? Bristol perchance? God knows the place is crawling with K-heads

a doctor friend of mine told me that the current high use of k in britain is dubbed 'bristol syndrome' by medical peeps.

However, I do think the abundance of K/ketheads in clubs has led to a rise in people championing mediocre, dull music. There are plenty of nights I've been to full of ketheads (including the DJs) which are just plain tedious. The atmosphere is nowhere near as electrically charged/up-for-it as a night full of people on MDMA. That's one of the thing that frustrates me about after hours parties. If I'm still out and dancing at some crazy time in the morning I want to be entertained, not bored rigid by Djs playing music that appeals to monged-out ket-heads stumbling around in the dark. Maybe that's just me though

>However, I do think the abundance of K/ketheads in >clubs has led to a rise in people championing mediocre, dull music.

so basically ketamine can be blamed for dubstep

‘Ketoloco’ is a pretty interesting name, who’s idea was that and where did it come from?? /// It was Chris’s, and at the time it was simply a reflection of what was happening in dance music. Ketamine really exploded on to the Leeds and Ibiza scene in 2006 especially in the Techno clubs. Even producers such as "Butane" and "John Dahlback" were calling records "on the ket" and "lost in a k-hole". In 2006 record shops such as "Tribe" aka "The Loft" in Leeds even had a section called "Horse House" where the wonky style of minimal was situated!

I would say drugs like Ketamine has had more of an effect on the [UK rave] scene than anything - the happy dancy vibe has been replaced with a room full of zombies , staggering around instead! It has also changed some of the music to cater for the Ketamine crowd, repetitive bleeps and noises over a beat… actually that kinda describes some of the tunes I play… ha ha… DOH!... "

i agree Livin-It-Up-Lyk-Massive and hinsey! lmao cnt beat a bit of wonky lol
ill av a couple of litres please lmao //have love for KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK //i love a gud old line of wonky bt av a read at this ketamine horror story that i hav cum across-I have been taking ketamine for about 4 years now; it is known as Katie where I’m from in Manchester. All my friends have also been taking it for quite some time now. I wanted to inform you that it has some striking effects long term that you may not know of which could help others.

Spangled:Someone who has done far too much Ketamine.
Mate that line was huge, im well spangled!

We Are The Ket Cadets And We Love Gettin Spangled!
the horses can get fucked, god made ketamine for illegalravers, scientists just made a mistake, now lets get fukin spangled !!!!! ten grams please ...

'Mush' takes definite cues from the more spangled side of the dubstep world, instead of relying on hackneyed dub samples Z***by can easily be considered next to the likes of Various or Ikonika for forward thinking melodic developments and a far wider sonic scope than the rest of his peers
''Kaliko' stretches the wonky time sigantures right off the page again, with a seemingly freeflowing melody in the finest 'ZigZag' style allowed to spool like it's just been fed a fair ketadose and placed in a children's soft play area. Mad fun.
''Aqua5resh''… definitely the most insane thing I've heard this year and also one of the best. Fuck knows how to describe it - if there was a bit in Super Mario where you took a ketamine and vodka power-up and then immediately afterwards had to fight an eyeless seaweed monster underwater with a strobe light going off in your face, then this would probably be the theme tune

13TH OF MARCH 2009--------THE ROARING 1920'S BASS convention--------
This friday, the guys who run the Rave in a Cave are putting on another free party at Blueprint. Afterwards theres gonna be a massive afterparty somewhere in the city. Might be the caves but depends on if they are flooded still… Do not worry TECHNO WONK FIENDS! A smashing beat heavy lineup will be causing more than a rukus in the back room. TO Tag team the Dance Floor with the ON-SITE SOUNDSYSTEM we welcome back SPANGLED BALLET and LOEKEYE plus a third mystery guest... Spangled Ballet return again with a vengeance to the BASS convention! The last time he played he did so to a heaving dancefloor, welcome back wizards of wonk!

is "wonky" a genre? Thread
a couple of years ago there was a FWD night/podcast where kode9 played mala's bury the bwoy and crazy d said 'this one the wonky donkey.' a while after that it started being used to describe off-kilter or experimental tunes, tracks with galloping kicks, etc. not sure how direct the connection is but that's when it gained currency. i hadn't heard it regularly before then anyway.// hate the word, it does sound cheesy and stupid, how exactly can music be wonky? does the bpm speed up and slow down in the middle of every bar or something?

i just thought it meant sniff k and dance.. wonky innit.. yeah.. whey.

"We camped with this dude, he was a complete legend. This wasnt an acid incident just a bit too much wonky dust."

what the fuck is wonky? never heard of it. sounds gay. never heard of anyone describing how they feel on K as wonky either. /// Really? Even in my remote community people often refer to using k as "going to wonky town"

The first mix eases us in gently, with the bleepified sounds of Ripper ton’s ‘10A’ and the warm deep house of ‘Bergwein’ by Efdemin. Melodic and minimal throughout, we’re plunged into a myriad of trippy and beguiling tunes, that at times sound like the embodiment of a wonky ketamine trip

★ Ket ★ K ★ Special K ★ Vitamin K ★ Kitty ★ Regretamine ★ Horse ★ Wonky ★ Spangle

I think you can have 'unsettling' experiences because they are so vastly weird and incomprehensible to the ordinary state of consciousness. But when you get confused, you are just too spangled and tranquilized to do anything about it or care really - you more likely just stare around in confusion, rather than panic - and spit out mucous and the occasional gasp for breath etc.
right for me i dont k hole as such i trip but to get me spangled i do qtr gram lines but i can still chat and dance but some people have different reactions like sitting down k hole

About 7 years ago I was playing in Camberwell to a room full of K heads (a techno night). The sound system cut out for 5 mins but the Heads were still (slowly) dancing. Proper zombie rave.

and why do ppl do it 2 become zombies?

I got a bit sick of seeing geeks in t-shirts playing minimal to ketamine-head zombies
nothing worse than a club full of zombies! ...
friends ive seen on ket just look like zombies

on ket you are the bassline.
but yes, you dont need drugs to enjoy dubstep. it can be ruined when you go to a night and everyone in just in a K hole.

ket and music isn't particularly good mix imo, just fucks u up too much /// its a great mix. just because your on ket doesnt mean you have to dance. going into a k-hole whilst listning to a very chilled out set of dubstep is great.

ket and dubstep is almost as good as an orgasm.

got ket? Dubstep Grime Drum and bass Culture T-shirt by dustyvinyldesign

when on ket U R DUBSTEP

if you think dubstep is music for bass sluts who ate Special K for breakfast, you gotta come out and give yourself over to [name removed on legal advice] your brain will be sculpted anew and your limbs will flail about you like an elfish jester with dirty boots.

Who wants to take a guess which two top-rank dubstep producers I saw falling over themselves to get some K at Bloc???

Wed 25 Jun 2008 11:28 am Ketamine Dubstep Zombies at play in London's clubland...

Nekro wrote:this type of music is good if you're on ketamine or a load of downers, not sure about listening to it in a club though

Dubstep is the emerging scene in underground music today, with leading lights such as Benga and Skream becoming household names… providing the household in question is your average Lenton ket-den. But ketamine jokes aside, dubstep is becoming ever more popular, with the defining blend of wobbly grime basslines and jarring dub beats drawing serious nationwide attention.,,, In fact, a potentially more significant dynamic has been the annual migration of students across the country, helping the musical accent of the saaf-west permeate into the collective student consciousness. Just look at the number of London-based students in Nottingham, and the cause for dubstep’s popularity here becomes clear.

Dubstep rave, few bumps, stand near the speakers and skank out wonky as fuck

13th February 2009, 07:43 PM I blame Ketamine. For Dubstep AND mnml AND people not dancing so much any more, just sort of vaguely waving about.

me in bristol.... pretty thick on dubstep and ketamine down here...

Re: Ketamusic
Must have Ketamine session album, Burial: Untrue.

24-12-2008, 01:10 PM
>i keep imagining prince charles all wonky on ket lmfao

To be fair Prince Charles is pretty wonky to begin with, how more wonky can he get :laugh_at:

Legendary's "Purple Drank" -- The Widdler wrote:
Legend4ry has been up and coming in the dubstep scene slowly but surely. Keep you're ears and eyes peeled for whats to come in the future.Take a sip of "Purple Drank" and only a minute later you are on a wave of gelatinous groove. This dark comedy of a tune will leave you scared and smiling not wanting it to end.

Independent Thursday, 15 January 2009

The horse tranquilliser ketamine is increasingly replacing cocaine as the substance of choice among Britain's recreational drug users, according to charities and experts…. Use of the drug, known as "Special K" or "Raver's Smack", was found to be on the rise in nine out of 20 areas surveyed by the charity DrugScope.
At last year's Glastonbury festival, police seized double the amount of ketamine than they did at the 2007 event.The DrugScope survey shows that use of drug is increasing in Portsmouth, London, Bristol, Ipswich, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Blackpool and Newcastle.
The British Crime Survey shows that use of the drug last year increased nationally by 10 per cent on 2006-07. Once seen as a drug exclusively for the rave and dance scene, its popularity is now growing among Britain's middle-class users due to its price – a gram of ketamine costs £20, half as much as the same amount of cocaine – and the fact that it is seen as a "safe" and "clean" drug…

>I've always been quoted £7-£10... Clearly the "investigators" for the report are getting ripped >off.. Most likely because they dont look like they know what theyre doing

>wonky sex [righteous metal-dude emoticon]

Guess it depends who is wonky! Screwing some half dead wonked up mess of a girl aint fun IMO

>Watching all the munters falling into peoples tents at Re-cydrate the west was enough to put me off,
>people on Ket never look like they're having a good time, I dont get the point.
To be fair i imagine that had a lot to do with the unholy amounts of cider consumed by said munters as much as it did the wonky...

>See if everyone who took K had a cup of tea instead... would be a beautiful world.

what if everyone who drank tea took K instead
more wonk vicar

this is because wobble loving ket heads ARE boring as fuck.

Since the release of the highly acclaimed 'Jagz the Smack', R***ie has become one of the hottest and most exciting artist in the UK, if not the world. Crunchy off kilter dubstep, turbo charged aquacrunk, woozy codeine sippin' beats and fragmented electronica are fused together to create a sound that is utterly alien and wonkier than Pete Doherty on rhino tranquilisers.

Yeah this was a funny night all the way from the sound engineer falling asleep in the booth, Rosie slapping some kethead after he'd played human pinball by bumping into everybody, a certain member of UFO becoming Croft security for the night, all the way to me and Neil watching in disbelief outside when my girlfriend got out of a taxi in a slutty dress with some bloke and went into Dirty Rita's and then nearly having a car crash on the way home
« Reply #215 on: October 20, 2008, 10:03:00 »

That guy was a cunt. Anyone off here know who he is needs to tell him to lay of the spacktard dust. i saw so many people about to knock him out before he'd stumble off into another direction. He came at Rosie arms up like a zombie and nearly collapsed into her - I think she was quite reserved in just giving him a light slap.

we'l gt a nite out once i save up more money it all gt blown on wonky dust

80% of my K use has been solo, mainly full on K-Hole antics, but, on occasions, I have used with others. Many of my friends often socialize with friends and seem to enjoy the wonky powder on this level. However i find it far too strong to converse with people, and when i try i just sound like a retard.

will serve as Joe's final blowout before he moves down to London to do some mental nursing. …We wish him all the best - and if any London promoters need a Bloc weekend resident to bash out some crazy italo/freestyle/electro/acid wrongness, then he's your man. Plus, he's fully trained in nursing the ket-heads at the end of the night!

To me and my experiences of Dubstep, its like what happened to dnb for me 5 years ago but without finding out about all the great shit before the crap took over. I've been put off dubstep as most of it reminds me of garage, and if theres a way to get me off the dancefloor and up for a walk home, its 2step shite. When ubstep got big in London, I was at uni and had loads of mates into the shit ketstep variety and its all I heard for a while at nights and festivals, so I guess my problem was oversaturation as usual in London! I've got a mate that plays DUBstep, its sick, nice spacious beats, loovely bass not OD on oscillators, good dubby vibe etc
dubstep for the most part has nothing to do with dub, think more of garage and ketamine induced teenagers finding oscillators and having a party about it
In the UK, the wobblestep is the main dubstep, its fucking awful. Caspa and people like that; reminds me of why I went off DnB when jump up got big and the textures, sounds and effects explored within what is potentially is a broad genre became smaller and smaller. Caspa & Rusko et al. are the Andy C & Pendulum of the dubstep world.
also, speaking of jungle, didn't K used to be/still is a huge drug with junglists? in fact it seems to me that until the dnb scene latched on the dubstep there wasn't really ANY K use going on.

19th November 2008, 05:58 PM

Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 714 just to contradict myself, as i occasionally do, some dubstep does need a subgenre called Ket-Step!!

RUBY wrote: dubstep went from dinkstep, to Ketstep, and now its just called dog whistle, because every other fucker is hearing something im not liiiike


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I refuse to accept that all the grooveless, muddy, plodding, mechanical borestep coming out of all this is even dubstep... it's a totally different scene, and it's rubbish. ketamine and straight faced bearded men staring at squares on laptops... I don't have an issue with either in principle but in practise it tends to make me want to kill myself.

a bit of ket makes the wobbles quite fun, caused my brother to get his head round dubstep at the skream/kode9 night

Personally, when I used to do K, I always thought dubstep was very suited to the experience, swimming in waves of sound etc...

Nov 7 2008, 09:52 AM I personally have more recently seen an increase in the use of Ket and Mandy (ketamine and mdma for you oldies) - I think cocaine usage amoungst people I know has dropped but that it's more to do with the credit crunch than anything else.
Dubstep + Dissociatives go together like Reggae + Weed

I thought this was obvious to anyone who's ever tripped on DXM/Ket and has heard Dubstep

K is retarded but I do enjoy it when I go to Dubstep shows...its fun when you can control yourself and not be all over the place. And yeah, in the long run it rots your brain, if you still got it...

ketamin killed teh rave!!1!
but seriously it isnt exactly exciting dancing infront of a huge stack of speakers with awesome music playing
when everyone around you is just kind of wobbling along to the beat with complete brain-dead look in their eyes.. just kind of wobbling along to the beat with complete brain-dead look in their eyes..

James G
13-01-2008, 07:16 PM
innit man - it's too slow - even double time it's only 150ish bpm... Maybe you have to take ketamine to enjoy dubstep - Everyone I know who loves it snorts bucketloads of Ket...

dj rowney
13-01-2008, 07:20 PM
lol ketstep

14-01-2008, 08:30 PM
Heheh, fair doz Monk, go Subdub's all i can say...yeah i can imagine the places u mighta heard dubstep, stuck in the 3rd 2nd room with about ten ketheads bumpin into the walls hahahah:D Coz i've been to a few like that n jus sighed n gon bak to ravin t sum dnb...BUT if it's don proper trust me you'd have t b well knackered t go t sleep...u'd get trodden on fer a start!

Re: Hooray Ravers at Glade?
01 Sep 2007, 10:29
blame the techno tent, ket victims follow techno. joke but there was more k about this year. but thats a general pattern across raves lately. i

Re: Hooray Ravers at Glade?

I haven't a clue what a "wonk" is.

Re: Hooray Ravers at Glade?
27 Oct 2007, 10:41
a wonk is someone who likes K, i call k wonky.

>…Enslaved by K thread
>You should make The Blast Bristol's first official K-Free Zone

**I was thinking the other day, that maybe people should start putting 'no K-heads please' on flyers or just going all out and doing a night specifically promoted as a K-free night. Then maybe we could have a party in this town again.

**Seriously though, I think a 'gentleman's agreement' to get K out of clubs would improve the vibe in a lot of Bristol's clubs, but would it put some of you off attending? Thinking as a promoter myself, if we (hypothetically) did a Therapy Sessions at the Swan and stuck 'no Ketamine' on the flyers would be shooting ourselves in the foot?

***Do you really go to that many nights where this is a problem?? I run plenty of nights at the swan and most 'zombies' are confined to the garden - the main room at Bashout was fuckin having it, especially for bong ra's set, as was the upstairs room all night long - everyone was goin nuts!!
***i have partyd for years mdma,e's dancing with my mate's now everybodys falling around like crackheads cant have conversation with them,they dont even get into the sounds,whats the point.

>so basically ketamine can be blamed for dubstep

I actually think dubstep is quite interesting. I was thinking more of some of the incredibly dull techno that gets played. I'm not anti-techno as there's some fecking great stuff about, it's just that some DJs seem to delight in playing incredibly tedious selections aimed at kethead yawners. It's not all techno DJs or all techno nights by any means, 'cos there's some fucking great stuff happening in Bristol right now. I'd just call it "afterhours syndrome". You can play wonky music without it being dull.

too much dubstep/minimal/khead music on Sunday, in fact too much dubstep full stop. I know it's the thing these days or whatever, but it's dull

HESUNIT (6 months ago) Personally my circle finds that minimal goes best with ket... though I'll agree that dubstep is a close second... except when you get to the hole! nooooooooo way :P
Asphalthabitat (6 months ago) nah fam, you just wonk out to the wobbles lol

From the perspective of an old c**t looking in, it does seem immensely popular with the youth, it's the equivalent of when you had all the cyber divs painting mitsubishi's everywhere. Only now its people with huge swept fringes, photographing each other for facebook 'ooooo look how fucked i am'

Having said that little bumps can be quite nice.

ive had good times in a club on it, little bumps, but its not for me anymore, its always a fine line between having a good time and falling into the dark side which i never enjoy. seeing so many mongs dribbling in a corner on it is a right turn off too.

Outside of the cosy disco haven, though, it does seem like the whole world's slumped in a corner trying to form words that only come out as spitballed mumbles.
i used to call it wobbly dust...

Repetitive, uninspiring bass-wobblers reminiscent of being stuck inside Mr Oizo’s head on a ketamine bender seemed to have gripped the scene.

continuum said...
It's interesting that this post has generated so many comments. I wonder if it is the second wave of refugees from dsf who are posting above? I personally like the wobble riffage stuff. When you are on MDMA surrounded by a big system it sounds great! I'm personally getting tired of the feminine pressure/rudeness comments/posturing with regard the hardcore continuum theory. Ultimately it is about MDMA use in a dance setting for me. Creating a that feeling we can't manage in everyday life without it (MDMA). The DnB and Dubstep Wobble scenes despite being creatively inferior are not aggressively against it's audience doing MDMA/LSD while raving to it. The Grime and Dubstep core have always been very clear on their stance towards what really define the hardcore continuum. Referencing drugs (and in particular MDMA) as the guiding principle of dance music doesn't fit in with the history being built in these peoples heads. It's a far too simplistic theory but really everything started with an E. We went way of tangent this decade following the worlds deviation into morally dubious behaviour, ironically sidelining the importance of MDMA in the process. The Bassline scene doesn't have a problem with MDMA but of course id not being written about in favour of pseudo clever music such as the purple scene which fits the coffee table ethic and post 88-93 consumer base of peolle such as Mary Anne Hobbs. The kids want to get fucked up godammit!!


calyx06 (1 week ago)
dive in!!!!
mobxboss (2 weeks ago)
i head this at a rave where i was propa fucked on k lol i love this song !!!!!
djkhaotik (2 weeks ago)
gettin fuked on k on friday luv it m8!!!!
SamuraiJackMCc (3 weeks ago)
special k i am more of a co co pops man
tag2426 (3 weeks ago)
Novelty track to listen to in a ket hole

what I do miss a lot personally in dubstep origins is the fact that for once the nuuum was bringing a total different purpose in the dance. I mean before dubstep, from hardcore, jungle, d&b, breaks, garage,... everything was made to get the dancing crowd exploding. When dubstep came and when it was played on appropriate sound systems it was the opposite purpose... implosion.
That's for me the original spirit which is nearly gone because of all those heavy metal, wobble, generic stuff cause yes explosion is back and now after the 2003-2007 period it sounds all boring to me.
You can have many explanations to that, like for instance the smoke ban in UK which is leading people to harder drugs so ofc to energetic explosions rather than deep implosions when we were all spliffin and meditating on bass weight... And am speaking from both the crowd or producers perspective...


kangaroobin (1 month ago) Show Hide
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@connormatheson meow is fucking rot. just leaves you dirt for the next couple of days, its all about them GOLDEN NUGGETS.
TacticalP (1 month ago) Show Hide
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iv snorted 4 grams of the shit in one night
im gettin extremely sick of it its a complete downer
i had good md new years eve in leeds
vinnydeebeats (1 month ago) Show Hide

elliothinton (2 months ago) Show Hide
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u can get wobble in vets not hospital u bell, its for horses aha, an mcats alright just need bare of it to stay up. but yh rudey212 u kno, the days of good mandy are gone, just drop jubblys its all good aha
MistaKipling88SKUM (2 months ago) Show Hide
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u can get ket inna hospital yano, do more research on ya drugs if ya tek'em, u'll probs fuck urself up on summet u kno fuckall about......... a crack pony is wot u'll turn out like
xnoobxinstinct (4 days ago) Show Hide
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this guy is on drugs... he definitely knows
cfcmas (2 months ago) Show Hide
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mkat ruined the world of uppers
viralcode (2 months ago) Show Hide
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connormatheson (2 months ago) Show Hide
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yeah fuck Mcat. it took over everything and its shit
kangaroobin (1 month ago) Show Hide
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@connormatheson meow is fucking rot. just leaves you dirt for the next couple of days, its all about them GOLDEN NUGGETS.

cat 43 up, 25 down
buy mcat mugs, tshirts and magnets
Slang for methcathinone.

A synthetic amphetamine derivative which is most similar in structure to methamphetamine and cathinone. Effects are similar to amphetamines but in high doses also has a resemblance to MDMA due to being a more potent serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Also has the rep for being very easy to synthesize making it novel for chemistry n00bs
Me: I just ate a quarter gram of MCAT and I feel great!

Marked as spam
so fucking dirtyy...
SyrenWulf (3 months ago) Show Hide
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Haha saw Stench last night with a gram of mcat and an eighth in my pants, was fucking riotous, fucking good night
viralcode (3 months ago) Show Hide
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mcat... stopped taking that long ago.... fucks your head up big time
SyrenWulf (3 months ago) Show Hide
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Only tried it for the first time last night, thought it was alright really, felt really tingly after that eigth lol, the sleep was good
GMANJIMAN (3 months ago) Show Hide
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heard mcat failry recenty is it md or sum md ket combo or ? cheers man

TheNicnacnick (6 months ago) Show Hide
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special k cereal
DjBagManNdDjTeeny (6 months ago) Show Hide
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Don't Do Ketamin, Fucks You Up Man
tazer5 (6 months ago) Show Hide
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i think most people like getting fucked up and wanna be fucked up :)
mevadub (6 months ago) Show Hide
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ketamine is a pharmicitical drug. which is far more used on humans like old ppl and infants than on horses or animals. it used as a tranq or animas but iwasnt made for animls,
hannahanarchy1 (6 months ago) Show Hide
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The bit at the start sounds creepy O.o
sketchylander (7 months ago) Show Hide
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whats the name of this album?
jwaller59 (7 months ago) Show Hide
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nah mate k holin at a rave is nuts.
shove as many powders up ur nose as possible thats wat i say!

Commaslue (9 months ago) Show Hide
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if you've had some MD a nip of ket can be the tits at a dubstep night, just go easy on it or ur fucked. blaze up when you get home
JackiBernini1 (9 months ago) Show Hide
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blaze up at the club when your stuck in a k hole
howtowinatpoker (9 months ago) Show Hide
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My friend says k holes are the shit. I wouldnt know tho, dont do that shit.
I'm thinking, why the the FUCK would you want to be tranquilized when theres this kick-ass uplifting music??? I mean, i see why MD or speed might be fucking awesome... but why be tranquilised?! Might aswell start shooting up H at the club if thats what you're into.. Nt 4 me tho
chidamole (8 months ago) Show Hide
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K holes are shit not the shit bruvv. Innit when you got tunes around you why you wanna be tranqd.
GoAskAliiice (7 months ago) Show Hide
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i've taken ket at a rave, went into a k hole and it sucked
but once i was out it was just like woaaah and it was all good again
all i can say is if ur gonna take ket at a rave only take a little bit and get urself some uppers aswell or you're not gonna be able to keep up with everyone else
MartyPea (9 months ago) Show Hide
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Fuck weed you want some horse with dubstep LOL

leebeans101 (10 months ago) Show Hide
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u lot are idiots ket is mad proper trippy and powerful and it only fucks yu up if u do it loads ketamine is the most common drug at dubstep raves so u argue wid bare ppl wen u sey tht
Millsisgod (9 months ago) Show Hide
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Id have to disagree with you there and say the most common drug taken at all the dub raves ive been to is Weed my friend...
loggableiba (9 months ago) Show Hide
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poor fuckers not being able to enjoy the music without gettin' high...
bermudaWill (9 months ago) Show Hide
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im afraid i must its all about ket...its even reachin dub reggae nights now
jooke911 (9 months ago) Show Hide
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only fools and horses
gertjanvanheyste (9 months ago) Show Hide
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ket is cheap (or let it say, less expensive then ganj) & not chill at all ö
Dubstep/reggae/dub => ganja/positive vibes
Ket/md/S/acid/C => it rottens ur head from the inside.. (if used regurarly)
17283 (9 months ago) Show Hide
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fuck the herb when you need to womp the fuck out, regretamine or MDMA
rozzaZEninja (9 months ago) Show Hide
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when someone offers ketamine just say neigh

lomologo (11 months ago) Show Hide
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ketamine is way to widely used in my opinion, it's really awful, not only the effects but i'm starting to believe it's really bad for you, even if there's not alot about it being bad for you
lomologo (11 months ago) Show Hide
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yeah i know three people that have pissed blood in the last three months, not good...

DocileTerrorist (1 year ago) Show Hide
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Better get used to it... dubstep has been poisonoing my mind for years. only genre that makes a man think he can walk through walls and become the destroyer of gods. "Wobble Wobble" Whoops think i just had a sex wee.
kadjrare (1 year ago) Show Hide
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haha sex wee

iHateYouThree (1 year ago) Show Hide
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Ahhhh the putrid bassline is flooding my brain!