Saturday, August 24, 2019

this is my tune

Dug out this Lovers Rock comp made ages ago by my dj pal Paul Kennedy and was reminded how lovely this song is by The Cool Notes

and also by how uncannily it sounds like Saint Etienne (or rather I should say, how uncannily Saint Etienne sound like it  - in some of their earlier modes at any rate, Foxbase Alpha time particularly)

almost to the point where I'm wondering if Cracknell and the boys covered it

Love that synth solo -  so delicate and filigreed it almost sounds like guitar (and in fact is twined around a guitar solo, doubling the effect)

Dub is nice too

The lyric to  "My Tune" would have fit well with the songs-about-songs, meta-music interblog challenge of 2015 - the singer / group's evident pride in her / their creation... self-reflexively celebrating the seduction-by-hook of the consumer's ear and the fan's inevitable purchase of the delectable product .... a record that enacts its own promise  (shame it wasn't a hit) 

The title "My Tune" could also lend itself to a quite different lyric, written from the consumer / fan perspective - about that feeling you can have with pop songs (or any kind of songs - dance anthems, etc), that this song was made just for you, that is belongs to you - so snugly does it dovetail with your desire, so uncannily attuned it is to your particular audio-erogenous zones

(Well, The Cool Notes tune does contain that idea in the line "I wrote it for the people, I wrote it for you" - but here the addressee is the massive, it's "you" second-person plural i think - as in the earlier line "I write the tunes that you dance to in the blues". The word "blues" itself being uncommon parlance suggests the idea of social ownership of the song)

But yeah when a song on the radio possesses you, takes over your life,  it is like falling in love - that same feeling of extreme fortune and blessing, that heaven-sent matching 

I feel like there is already a song, or possibly many songs, out there that are about just this feeling -  a need miraculously met, the pop song as a personalised transmission....  

it's rather like the way certain stars when performing onstage can seem to meet each fan's gaze .... or how very charismatic persons, in the interview situation or the glad-handing meet-and-greet situation, reputedly can make you feel like you're the only person in the room, that you have ALL of their attention

but this-is-MY-tune also makes me think of the more disordered, hallucinatory regions of fan feeling  and fan-thought (as documented in the Vermorels's Starlust) where the star seems to be speaking directly to the fan, sending them secret messages, coded clues... the eyes in the poster on the bedroom wall piercing deep into you

While we're loving the lover's rock, here's another dreamsong about the dance of desire

postscript 8/25

Ian S in comments points out this rave versioning of Janet Kay

Fernando Ramirez Ruiz nominates Indeep's "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" as belonging to song-as-salvation self-reflexivity syndrome

Thursday, August 22, 2019

mystery bliss 1 & 2

thieves the gaseous-bliss diva from "Sound of Eden", makes even gassier-blissier use of it

stumbled on this by chance and realised it's one of a big batch of mystery trax   - result! - that i never got around to turning into videoclips so's the massive could help identify them

here's one the massive helped me with before


what do you think, shall I finally do the remaining 25 tunes for the trackheads to ID?

Monday, August 19, 2019

"ardcore? are you sure?"

ad for Music Power Records, Haringey!

and the full ad break from Pulse FM June 28th 1992 (half way through Adrian H & MJ)

via Deep Inside the Oldskool, which has the whole Adrian H & MJ set

via this cache of pirate tapes (c/o Mikus Musik)
a Pulse FM show by Chris Simon who co-ran Music Power Records

even more Pulse-ating power

Sunday, August 18, 2019


sometimes think this is the greatest hardcore track of all time - dark, blissy, dubby, delirious

knew one of its sources was this excellent Sweet Exorcist album track

did not know another was this

also seems unlikely there is an EP that's better than that Rufige 4-tracker

mind you the Metalheads EP with "Terminator", "Knowledge", "Sinister" and "Kemistry" is pretty fucking stunning

the best three in a row in all of H-core? Darkrider EP, Terminator EP, Angel

the only ones close are Foul Play (Vol. 2, Finest Illusion, Vol.3) and Omni (Mystic Stepper, Renegade Snares, Vol. 4)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


trope reached earlier (1991) than the famous and supreme example (1995)

other notable nuum slaves

bit of Grace there via the musique concrete-y psycho-acapella track on the Slave to the Rhythm album

have i ever heard this super long 12 inch version of 'Slave to the Rhythm'? I'm really not sure

any more notable "slaves" in the rave-dance-disco-house realm?

postscript 8/14 

Ian S in Comments points out these examples:

he mentions a "slave" thematic to this but I can't hear it

Thursday, August 8, 2019

mashing up history

check the slogan on the label of this version of the original Jem 77 tune -
"Proper Bloodclaart Pirate Radio Bizness"

this other recent Rave 2 the Grave tune is better than the Jem 77/Cubic 22 one I think

of course there were tracks that were effectively mash-ups  -  aka rip-offs - happening in real-time back in the old skool days. i can't think of any examples off the top, but there were quite a few that were composites of existing killer tunes.

This Mickeybeam75 chappie is slinging this kind of thing up there, along with a lot of high-quality uploads of original-era tunes

this one - not a mash up but a new-old tune -  is quite devastating, beats and bass-wise. really like it

Here's the whole Wetman  EP on Vivid

Funny title

This is an earlier EP by Wetman