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showing your roots

bit on the slow side for Skrillex, but i guess this is him showing off his rootical side

at Hard Summer, his headlining set was prefaced by nine or ten Bob Marley songs in a row - all his most famous hits -- someone seemingly just popped Legend into a CD player. Sweet to see the EDM kids singing along to "Three Little Birds" and so forth ... the mellowness before the sturm

hey this remix of  'Make It Bun Dem" sounds (on the rhythm side at least) a bit like Dem 2 in their "All I Know" late period 2step mode, or Groove Chronicles circa "Masterplan" + "Black Puppet"


another mix, more uptempo and shredding

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

who knew Suburban Base made promos for some of their early singles? (See the earlier post on Sonz of A Loop Da Loop Era)

in my mind i always connect the Rachel Wallace tune with this Manix tune "Reach Out" featuring "Marie Antoinette"

and here's a "rude dub" from the US House  Remixes EP that followed the Heading to the Light EP proper

And there's a Bump Mix too, a preview flicker of 1997's bump n' flex, complete with unctuous saxual healing.  If they weren't so intent on following the pallid NY/NJ template so exactly-- that after hours, Mark Kinchen vybe -- if they'd ruffed it up a bit...  who knows, Reinforced Cru could have invented speed garage four years ahead of schedule.

oh and here's a here's a happy hardcore rmx -- "the Huffy Extended Bounce" version!

but wait a minute, on the label (of the original EP) it's not feat. Marie Antoinette, it's feat. Mark Douglas....