Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dissensus Jungle Poll - the next 165

And here are the next 164 or so tunes that to me make up the Jungle Canon (while not being anywhere near complete of course)

With this lot been less strict about straying earlier than the 93/94/95 parameters

there are definitely '92 tracks that are already junglistic in vybe

(also might have few '96 tunes in there as well, blurring the other temporal boundary set up - for understandable reasons I think - by Sadmanbarty. Although for me personally ' 96 while definitely a drum & bass rather than jungle era, was still a firing year, with tons of great stuff - jump up, techstep and even a few late-phase slinky and glowing "intelligent" tunes of note. '97 is when things start to feel a bit "cold" - as in frigid, as in "leave me...")

Foul Play Finest Illusion (Legal Mix)
Sonz of a loop da loop era - Bust That Groove
Goldseal tribe, “living lonely”
Bay-B Kane – rhythm
Payback - eastenders
Dj ron-crackman
Hype / ganja kru - computerise
AMAZON II --- "Booyaaa! (Remix)"
Hyper-on Experience – Lords of the Null Lines original
Higher sense, “cold fresh air (remix)”
Dave wallace, “expressions”
Shimon, “predator”
DJ Massive - Ruff in the Comfort Zone
Acro, “superpod”

Noise Factory - Future II (The Remix) - 3rd Party (1993)

Potential Bad Boy – “Let’s Go (Remix)” and “Let’s Get Remix
DJ Phantasy - The Jungle Remix's - Lets Go (Remix)
Slipmatt, “Breakin’ Free”
DJ Dextrous and H Pee, "Hot Flame"
2 Bad Mice, Underworld
Tom + Jerry, ‘Dancer’
Aphrodite, You Take Me Up

4 Hero - The Element (High Noon)

Manix (feat. Marie Antoinette) Reach Out

A-Zone- Callin’ All the People’
Kaotic Chemistry – Illegal Subs (krome and time remix)
Bodysnatch, ‘Euphony (just for you London)”
Bodysnatch, “Revenge of the punter”
Code 071, “London sumting dis”
Tek 9, “We bring anybody down”
D-Force, “Ruff!”

D Force - Original Bad Boy

Dope Style, “You must think first”
Engineers Without Fears, “spiritual aura”
 Jo, “r type”
Shy FX/UK Apachi, “original nuttah”
The Untouchables, “Take Me Away”
Plasmic Life, “water babies”
Hidden Agenda, “Is It Love”
 DJ Trace, “lost Entity”
Johnny Jungle – Johnny
Johnny jungle - flammable
DJ Trace, “jazz primitives”
Warped Kore, “The power”
The Criminal Minds, “Re-Baptised by Dub”
Baby D, “let me be your fantasy (ray keith remix)”
Dillinja, “Ja Know Ya Big",

Flynn & Flora - Jungle Love

Peshay- Vocal Tune
House crew – superhero
2 Bad Mice's "Shooby Corner", 
E-Z Rollers - Rolled Into One
E-Z rollers – believe (original mix)
Remarc + Lewi Cifer - Ricky
Droppin Science - Step Off
droppin science – vol 1
Droppin science – vol 2

Sonz of a loop da loop era –session one (Riots in Rayleigh)

Remarc – thunderclap

Remarc - Sound Murderer (Loafin In Brockley Mix)

dillinja - the angels fell
goldie – jah
Scott & Keith - Get Busy Cru - Reinforced
dillinja – deadly deep subs
Dillinja - You Dont know
Crystl - Let it roll - Deejay
Crystl - Dark Crystl - Force Ten
Goldie – Kemistry
DJ Buz Slave Special
Smokey Joe's "A Special Request"
Ganja Crew's "Computerize”
Shades of Rhythm, “Peace Sign (Rogue Unit Remix)”
Teego "Plenty Lovin'
Nicky Blackmarket-- "Wild Geese"
T.Power --"Horny Mutant Jazz" (SOUR)
Goldie – “Inner city life”
Rhythm for reasons - Smoker's delight
Asylum - Da Bass II Dark
Wots My Code – “XLR-8 (simply rolling mix [ray keith?])” aka What’s My Name E.P.
Egyptian Empire – the horn track
Noise factory – futuroid
Noise factory – survival

Noise Factory - Warning (Dub Mix)

Noise factory – “my mind”
Noise factory – be free
Noise factory  - set me free
Noise factory – breakage #2
-          Straight from the bedroom
-          Breakage #4
Satin storm, think I’m going out of my head
Dms – Vengeance
Gappa g and hypa hypa – the roach is burning

Grooverider - Sinister (The Influence Remix)

Metalheadz, “Knowledge”
Rufige Cru, “Menace”
Rufige Cru, “Jim Skreech”
Rufige Cru, “Darkrider”
Ed rush – gangsta hardstep
Ed rush - guncheck
Dj phantasy – tell me something
Dj seduction – you can dance
Kaotic chemistry – drum trip II
2 bad mice-  mass confusion
-         2 Bad mice - Pitch black
-          2 bad mice - tribal revival
2     2 bad mice- waremouse remix
Doc scott – machines
Nasty habits – dark angel
-          NASTY HABITS - Mayday mayday
4 hero – in the shadow (sundown)

4 hero the elements ( fire & water remix )

 Tek 9 – you got to slow down
4 hero – terraforming
4 hero – shadow run
Cold mission – drug store rude boy
Rufige cru – rollin like scottie
Rufige cru  - ghosts of my life
Rufige cru  - high rollers ghostin’
Metalheadz – saint angel
Hyper-On Experience – Disturbance
M-Beat – Rumble

Potential Bad Boy - Feel The Energy

 Suspicious Minds ‎– Some Harmony / Some Harmony (Hardmix)/ Sitting Low (Bass Trip Mix)
"X" Cert - Rising 2 The Bass”
RTCNJB - Rough Ride
On remand – “controlling”
 SMB – rush stimulator
DJ phantasy -- the jungle's remix aka tell me something


 Tom & jerry – air refreshener
A Guy Called Gerald, “The Reno”
Slipmatt – hear me
Desired state – beyond bass
Andy c – something new
Sonz of a loop da loop era - skratchadelikism
Hyper On Experience - Half Stepper
A send and ultravibe – what kind of world

DJ Ron - Mo Musik (African Chant)

Bizzy b and equinox – seven minutes of madness

Bizzy b – infactuation
Bizzy b and peshay – merder style

Potential Bad Boy & Chatter B - Vibes

Potential Bad Boy ‎- Skip To My Loop
Roni size, It’s a jazz thing

Chimeira – “Deeper Life” 
DJ Dextrous and H Pee, "Junglist"
Low Key Movements, "Come Cross"
D-Force, "Step Up General"
4 Hero, "Cooking up Ya Brain (Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era Remix)"
Parallel World - "Tear Into It"
The Invisible Man, "Bell Tune"

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dissensus Jungle Poll results in + my ballot

Dissensus Jungle Poll, results in

This was my ballot


Sacred, “Do It Together (The Baggy’s Mix)” (Pursuit)
Omni Trio, “Renegade Snares (FOUL PLAY VIP RE-REMIX)” (off ‘The Deepest Cut’) (Moving Shadow)
Foul Play, “Open Your Mind (FOUL PLAY remix)” (Moving Shadow)
Renegade, “Terrorist” (Moving Shadow)
Potential Bad Boy, “Work The Box” (Limited E Edition)
Boogie Times Tribe, “The Dark Stranger (Q BASS Remix)” (Suburban Base)
Hyper-On Experience, “Lord of the Null Lines (FOUL PLAY remix)” (Moving Shadow)
Apollo Two, “Atlantis (I Need You) (LTJ BUKEM remix)” (Good Looking)
DJ Nut Nut and Pure Science, “The Rumble” (Production House)
Dillinja, “Warrior” (Logic)
NC & Asend, “Take Your Soul” (Second Movement)
Safari Sounds / Droppin Science / Danny Breaks – “Vol. 4 / Long Time Comin’” (Droppin Science)
The House Crew, “Euphoria (Nino’s Dream)” (Production House)
DJ Trax, “We Rock The Most” (Moving Shadow)
Babylon Timewarp, “Durban Poison (LITTLE MAT’S Remix)” (Tense)
Foul Play, “Finest Illusion” (Section 5)
Foul Play, “Being With You (FOUL PLAY Remix)” (Moving Shadow)
Dillinja, “Deep Love (Remix)” (Logic)
Metalheads, “Terminator” (Synthetic)
Bad Girl, “Bad Girl” (Ibiza)


Origin Unknown, “Valley of the Shadows” (Ram)
Adam F, “Circles” (Section 5)
DJ Crystl, “Warpdrive” (Dee Jay Recordings)
DJ Solo, “Darkage” (Production House)
Remarc, “RIP (DJ HYPE remix)” (Suburban Base)
DMS + the Boneman X, “Sweet Vibrations” (FX Recordings)

Cloud 9 – “You Got Me Burnin (RAY KEITH AND NOOKIE remix)” (Moving Shadow)


Ed Rush, “Bludclot Artattack” (No U Turn)
Gappa G and Hyper Hyper, “The Information Centre” (Ruff Kut)
Dillinja, “Sovereign Melody” (Logic)
Deep Blue, “The Helicopter Tune” (Moving Shadow)
Metalheads, “Angel” (Synthetic)
Da Intalex, “What Ya Gonna Do” (Flex)
Omni Trio, “Renegade Snares (FOUL PLAY Remix)” (Moving Shadow)
Krome & Time, “The Slammer” (Suburban Base)
Subnation, “Scottie” (Future)
Marvellous Cain, “Hitman (VIP Remix)” (IQ)
DJ Hype, “A Shot in the Dark” (Suburban Base)
Roni Size + DJ Die, “Music Box” (Full Cycle)
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, “Drowning in Her” (Tone Def)
EZ Rollers, “Believe (FOUL PLAY remix)” (Moving Shadow)
Berty B + Dillinja, “Lionheart”  (Lionheart)
Dub 2, “Bad Man (Tuffness Mix) (Big City)
X Project, “Walking in the Air” (X Project)
Princess/ Rogue Unit / Steve Gurley – “Say I’m Your Number One REMIX” (unreleased, on Labello Blanco comp)
A Guy Called Gerald, “Nazinji-Zaka” (Juice Box)
Myerson, “Find Yourself” (off Enforcers 5, Reinforced)
Phuture Assassins, “Roots N Future (Make Dem Know Mix)” (Suburban Base)
Blame + Justice, “Anthemia (Heaven)” (Moving Shadow)
Jacob’s Optical Stairway, “Harsh Realitys” (R&S)


Omni Trio, “Soul Freestyle” (Moving Shadow)
Splash, “Babylon” (Deejay)
Tek 9, “Slow Down (Nookie Remix)” (off Enforcers 8, Reinforced)
4 Hero, “Wrinkles in Time” (Reinforced)
DJ Hype, “Roll tha Beats” (Suburban Base)
A Guy Called Gerald, “Darker Than I Should Be (Ladies Mix)” (Juice Box)
Levicitus, “Burial” (Philly Blunt)
Andy C, “Slip N Slide” (Ram)
Tek 9, “Seven Long Years” (off Enforcers 4, Reinforced)
Manix, “The X Factor (The Director’s Cut)” (off Enforcers 4, Reinforced)
A Guy Called Gerald, “28 Gun Bad Boy” (Juice Box)
Hyper-On Experience, “Thunder Grip” (Moving Shadow)
Omni Trio, “Renegade Snares (Original)” (Moving Shadow)
LTJ Bukem, “Music” (Good Looking)
Nasty Habits, “Here Come the Drumz” (Reinforced)
Nasty Habits, “Drumz 95” (Metalheadz)
4 Hero, “The Power” (Reinforced)
MA1, “Rollin With the Punches” (Formation)
Q Project, “Champion Sound” (Legend)
DJ Pulse, “Stay Calm (FOUL PLAY remix)” (Moving Shadow)
A Guy Called Gerald, “Gloc Remix” (Juice Box)
DJ Hype & Ganja Max feat MC Fats & DJ Daddy, “Rinse Out” (Ganja)
The Dubster, “Retreat” (Flex)
88.3 feat Lisa May, “Wishing On A Star (URBAN SHAKEDOWN Dub Mix)” (Urban Gorilla)
M Beat, “Give Me Love” (Renk)
MA2 / DJ SS, “Hearing Is Believing” (Formation)
Manix + Rufige Cru – “You Held My Hand Remix” (off Enforcers 4) (Reinforced)
FBD Project, “Gestures Without Motion” (off Enforcers 5) (Reinforced)
Bass Selective, “Blow Out (Part 2)” (SOUR)
DJ Hype, “The Chopper (JOHNNY JUNGLE Remix)” (Suburban Base)
D-Cruze, “Lonely” (Suburban Base)
Nick OD, “Distance” (Reinforced)
Krust, “Set Speed” (V Recordings)
Roni Size, “Daylight” (Full Cycle)
D'Cruze                “Want You Now (DJ SS & EQ Remix)” (Suburban Base)
Ment 4 Bass  - “Strings Free” (Liquid Wax)
Omni Trio, “Thru the Vibe” (Moving Shadow)
Omni Trio, “Feel Better (FOUL PLAY remix)” (Moving Shadow)

DJ Mayhem – “Inesse” (RAY KEITH Remix) (Face)

Omni Trio, “Mainline” (Moving Shadow)
Omni Trio, “Original Soundtrack” (off Vol 4, Moving Shadow)
Foul Play, “Being With You (original)” (Moving Shadow)

N.W.1 – “Gangster Lean” (Camden Tunes 1994]

4 Hero, “Students of the Future (Nostradamus: The Revelation) (RUFIGE CRU remix)”
Dead Dred, “Dred Bass” (Moving Shadow)
Roni Size, “Timestretch” (V Recordings)
Roni Size + DJ Die, “11.55” (Full Cycle)
Acen, “Window in the Sky” (Production House)
Bay-B-Kane, “Hello Darkness” (Whitehouse)
Omni Trio - "Torn"
Omni Trio, “Stronger”
Omni Trio, “Soul Promenade (NOOKIE remix)”

Blackman , “Bastard (remix)”

Monday, July 18, 2016

Mystery Track # 5

bit of a long gap  since the first batch of four - stuff came up -  but i'm back in the "can you help me identify these mystery tunes from my old pirate tapes?" groove

Plenty to more to come ...

UPDATE: identified by JJ in the comments as

Princess Of The Posse - Do The Right Ting

producer is Plastic Jam and it's on the Labello Blanco label

the artist alias seems to come from Queen Latifah!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

the labrynth of memory

Cheers to Thomas H. Green for alerting me to the existence of this book - The Love Dove Generation by Billy 'Daniel' Bunter

On a skim it looks to be an entertaining romp through the pills 'n' thrills 'n' brain-aches of being a leading Labrynth deejay - as well as name on flyers for similar/rival raves like Double Dipped at Bagleys, Telepathy, etc.

UFO sightings also figure in the story.

Ooh gosh - the Labrynth. A name that sets me adrift on memorE bliss...  The Labrynth garden. That tunnel-like corridor with trippy artwork on the sides. The odd little grotto-like chambers further and deeper in, perhaps playing things like trance. The upstairs - boring house music - room that we only ever bothered with once. And the main room, for the ardkore: dark, rammed, jostling, no focal point (you couldn't see where the DJ was, the booth tucked away somewhere), Instead,  facing the dancefloor, there'd be a row of ravers on an elevated stage-like thing. The layout of the room made the crowd into the star - forced the audience to spectate upon itself. 

When I went out to interview Labrynth founder Joe Wieczorek for Energy Flash, in '96 or '97, that was the first time I’d been to Dalston in daylight.  He showed me around  the club - there was a whole lot more to the premises and surrounding buildings than most punters ever saw. It was like an underground warren. Joe pulled aside a sheet of tarpaulin covering what looked like construction and suddenly we were entering an abandoned Victorian-era theatre - plushness gone shabby, complete with the sloping floor down to where the orchestra pit would  have been at the foot of the stage, and - I think - a balcony too.  Too decrepit to be refurbished, Joe said. At that time Labrynth was having to move out of its original Four Aces premises and into some other large chamber within this complex of rooms and passages.

At that point I don't think I was fully aware of what The Four Aces had been - i.e. the reggae club where Don Letts had taken Johnny Rotten for initiating roots 'n' dub experiences. Later, that fact seemed to make a lovely symbolic loop in my life as PiLhead - postpunk to jungle,  bass to bass.  

satin stormin

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Vowels of the Nuum"

A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue: Numian vowels,
I shall tell how you were delivered from London bowels:

A – 'Ardcore – Apache acetate and blazing black of brigands caps; roisterous Cockney acksent drops the first letter with an electric nite krash; undulating like a ringing bell – the KO blow from the hammer-handed Ghost.

E – Eskibeat – Alaskan igloos & Aleutian alabaster; E3 rox, the face of Big Ben's clock, rushed dances & pressed socks; D.E.E. – its Guthrie, Kat its Diddley, Dizzee its Gillespie; the Pleistocene beetlebum, morainic dung – 8 bars its hum.

I – IDM – Mortal wounds & Burton's bleeding bark, the gums of Shoreditch sharks; nemesis of fwd>> thinking – stave off with a staff; baneful 'bass' entranceng progenitors down dead-out paths.

U – UKG – Genesis from across the Viridian seas; that of Colonial envy, two parents – but only one seen; Orijinal Bashment Dean – distanced itself from the raw breed; a victim of its own greed.

O – Oldschool Jungle – O Cerulean Caesar of London! Lord of us all! Rolling pure & breaking clean; matched together with bucolic birch spawns the hidden yellow D – the bona fide disciple of Junglix stylee.

Written by L. J. Keys

Inspired by Voyelles by Arthur Rimbaud

Taken From Liquid by L. J. Keys

oh my desire

Friday, July 8, 2016

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Foul Play miscellania

and I thought I knew / had everything by Foul Play

possibly do have this - somewhere - but forgotten its existence:

starts well - but goes a bit soggy in the middle beat-less section - still good to know / have

not everything John + Steve(s) touched was golden

generally their remixes are among the very greatest things in all of jungle / D&B, but there's a few are just decent

now i didn't know of the existence of this track "Neuro Pressure"  so i can honestly say that it didn't influence me coming up with the term neurofunk...

... although it certainly sounds like neurofunk

the flipside still in the chillage zone

after Loop, anything with "Black Sun" as a title gets my interest up...

this is pretty good, a bit Dom & Roland-y, not much to hang onto aurally - amorphous noir atmospherics


couple of others suggested by Droid

i remember that Cutting Edge comp CD and being a bit disappointed by it - feeling it weren't that cutting edge  really - do like the title "Steppers Opera"  by Omni Trio

this tune's pretty good though, got the metallic scuttling scrape-ity breaks - like an egg whisk inside a wok - and then some woody-plinky good xylo-bass

Ah yes and I do remember this other Droid suggestion

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

(fine) art-core

the publicity photo sent out with the Sm:)e Communications US version of the debut Omni Trio album, which they titled Music for the Next Millenium (rather than The Deepest Cut)

Rob Haigh portrait by Jelly Deller

aka Jeremy Deller

Turner Prize winner

who did some photography for Moving Shadow it seems

shots for The Revolutionary Generation comp

Sunday, July 3, 2016

absolutely roll(ers)ing


fellow travellers on the "smoov along now" path to blanched blandness

but here at just the right equipoise of chilled frenzy

slightly ruffer original

Saturday, July 2, 2016

absolutely polling

last few days to vote in the Dissensus Jungle poll

Poll organiser Sadmanbarty dropping science on the difference between ardkore and jungle:

Tempo- Jungle's at 160 + whereas hardcore is slower.

Jungle tends to deviate from snare emphasis on the 2 and 4. 

Hardcore uses staccato riffs

Hardcore tends to loop a break in whole bar loops. Jungle chops those breaks up, uses multiple breaks, pitchshift etc.

Not so much chipmunk vocals, mentasm or italo-piano in jungle

I'd also add that low bass is more important in jungle than hardcore. There are a lot of hardcore tracks that don't feature really low bass. This is rare in jungle. 

808 boom bass is very common in jungle and not in hardcore. On the other hand digi-dub bass (reggae bass lines played with synthesised sine waves) are common in hardcore, but rare in jungle.

It's  a blurry line though isn't it


Some things I should have put in my ballot, which stretched the rules by going to 102 selektions

i think it's the remix I preferred / bought

I'd eliminated this one, thinking it was 1996 (the year span is supposed to be 93/94/95), but in fact it qualifies. 

not quite so keen on this continuation of da vybe

love this though - absolutely ripplin'

don't recall ever hearing this tango remix of expressions

there was a period when every Moving Shadow release had bongos and sort of jazzual bass with a played feel to it

but we've strayed far far from jungle here haven't we? 

time to come correct

superpod = dolphin reference, no? one for Lieven Martens! (any relation to Doc?)

those last five are all things that didn't make my cut

can you believe that? a genre so great that those tunes aren't even in the top 102?