Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Vowels of the Nuum"

A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue: Numian vowels,
I shall tell how you were delivered from London bowels:

A – 'Ardcore – Apache acetate and blazing black of brigands caps; roisterous Cockney acksent drops the first letter with an electric nite krash; undulating like a ringing bell – the KO blow from the hammer-handed Ghost.

E – Eskibeat – Alaskan igloos & Aleutian alabaster; E3 rox, the face of Big Ben's clock, rushed dances & pressed socks; D.E.E. – its Guthrie, Kat its Diddley, Dizzee its Gillespie; the Pleistocene beetlebum, morainic dung – 8 bars its hum.

I – IDM – Mortal wounds & Burton's bleeding bark, the gums of Shoreditch sharks; nemesis of fwd>> thinking – stave off with a staff; baneful 'bass' entranceng progenitors down dead-out paths.

U – UKG – Genesis from across the Viridian seas; that of Colonial envy, two parents – but only one seen; Orijinal Bashment Dean – distanced itself from the raw breed; a victim of its own greed.

O – Oldschool Jungle – O Cerulean Caesar of London! Lord of us all! Rolling pure & breaking clean; matched together with bucolic birch spawns the hidden yellow D – the bona fide disciple of Junglix stylee.

Written by L. J. Keys

Inspired by Voyelles by Arthur Rimbaud

Taken From Liquid by L. J. Keys

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