Sunday, January 31, 2021

don't hold blapps



who were Blapps Posse? 

what does Blapps even mean?

Thursday, January 28, 2021

let us praise Mastersafe (hardcore heroes - the non-return)


two perfect tunes and one - below - that is a great deal of fun

A small but very nicely formed body of work

and a deejay on Fresh FM the Leicester pirate affiliated to Formation Records

Mr Mastersafe sir - I salute your service to the hardcore cause

More from the Aspirations EP

coming on strong



d&b metal




Highly enjoyable yet utterly pointless slice of retrokore 

This one is a bit more interesting in the slammin pill-driver tekkno mode

brand new EP Take Kontrol

release rationale: 

"Masterfully weaving jolting bass stabs and euphoric melodies, Otira modernizes the hardcore sounds of yesterday on his anthemic Dim Mak single “Take Kontrol.” Spinning his signature sound onto a familiar era, the young producer pulls listeners to the dance floor with this happy and pulsating production. “Take Kontrol” is the lead single and title track off of Otira’s forthcoming Take Kontrol EP. The heart-racing production sees the French producer revitalize handsup and techno music through a contemporary lens. Speaking on the single, Otira noted: “I've been inspired by the transition of the early rave sound into happy hardcore that happened in the 90s. I also used to listen to a lot of handsup when I was 16. This is the first time I'm expressing my love for handsup in my production.


Older shit 

A lot of this stuff sounds wrong to me because of the high-definition sound design which feels like you're at the pictures watching some incredibly audio-visually overbearing action movie.  Or like the sounds in videogames. Excessively 3-dimensional and contoured. 

That's the only bit in the claim that dude  "modernizes" hardcore that rings true. Apart from that there's no element in the tracks that couldn't have been done and wasn't done in the '90s. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

de donkere kant


Hithouse the label created by the wonderfully named Peter Slaghuis

The Unknown - trio featuring the young Paul Elstak of gabber renown

this track flipside of this tune which comes in a prophetic "Hooligan Mix"

this also a bit uncouth 

great nagging riff + breakbeat combo there  - yet the result has completely different feel to the UK breakbeat tekno 

Friday, January 22, 2021

lover's rave

                in addition to the delicious flicker of Janet Kay, "Hyd & Seek samples the main theme from the film "Phantasm""


post in honour of the best TV program / movie of last year obviously 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


minor classic tune i've known for years but not known what it was called - til now

sourced in


and also

Saturday, January 2, 2021



the misty reverb piano 

the genius of the dog sample going "RUFF RUFF"

it's nutt-E, it's ethereal, it's (yes) ruff, and as it says on the tin, it's SLAMMING

proof of God's existence

the not as good but interestingly suspended-feeling remix from Man Like Gavin

another remix I've no recollection of at all - "The Slammer (DJ Rush & Fitzy Remix)" (who dem?)

like taking a marker pen to the Mona Lisa, innit 


do not recollect the B-side

neither of them

their other claims to fame 

solid biznizz

big up Terry Holt, Bernard Simon