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"Wake up, indie-kids" (Metalheads et al in MM )


January 30 1993 - and I made "Terminator" one of the singles of the week - the first time Metalheads / Goldie get single of the week, but not the last time... 

What leaps out now is that assessment "not especially innovative" which is of course dead wrong, but I was still getting to grips with the scene / sound, had yet to formulate the concept of rhythmic psychedelia (copyright me, yes that's right me) (Still I can't complain about "sampling" really can I now, since "chaste, hideous rapture" is stolen from Lautreamont and was probably the fourth - and far from last time -  I borrowed the phrase.)

Also notable about this singles column is the rave review for Satin Storm, which I believe I've mistitled (based on what was scrawled on the white label  I bought) and is better known now as "Think I'm Going Out of My Head"

I wish I had made Satin Storm single of the week instead of The Drum Club tune which is not that great - certainly not as good as their previous 'U Make Me Feel So Good".

And then Metalheads score again in August of '93 with "Angel" - and this time we have a picture of Goldie. It's even worse than the photo of me I think! That strange perpendicular finger... 

Also notable about this August '93 column - see below -  I make Foul Play "Open Your Mind (Foul Play Remix") Single of the Week (or rather, say I would have, but we didn't have a photo of the group. Not that this stopped us with "Terminator", mind) . 

Origin Unknown "Long Dark Tunnel" - better known as "Valley of Shadows" - is reviewed off of hearing it on pirate radio. (Or was it on a CD compilation? I don't think so). I'm not sure how I knew the name of the label, but I know I didn't own the vinyl at that point - bought it much, much later. Also worthy of Single of the Week status.

Aha - and then there's reviews for Omni Trio (yet another SOTW contender surely) while Goldie gets another review with the Rufige Cru "Ghosts". Well now I wish I had made that the second single of the week (or third, or fourth, or fifth)  and mentioned the remix of "Terminator" - "Terminator 2".

                                  The very tune that germinated the concept of rhythmic psychedelia in my brain? It has backwards                                                                      drums and phased breaks, see... 

Ray Keith is misattributed as the author of the Wot's My Code tune rather than remixer  - easy mistake to make as his name was massive on the front record sleeve.

Also this large claim on the label kinda invites confusion

Who's this Knookie chappie then? 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

time domain affects

 Chris Richards at Washington Post on South Florida "fast remixes":

"Clock-torquing has always been central to rap music, with DJs and producers perpetually tweaking the speeds of their samples, treating time like gobs of Silly Putty. Houston’s DJ Screw changed the trajectory of rap by famously slowing records down, loosening the tempo until it melted into a beautiful ooze — so it makes sense that a fast remix does something like the opposite. Instead of liquefying, the details crystallize. The beats become light and delicate. The rhymes get tight and Smurfy. Give a fast remix your most undivided attention and it’ll start to sound like a double-refusal of temporality and corporeality — a sort of metaphysical protest music."


although hearing them I think he kind of oversells a bit...

Some examples he cites: 

DJ Fetti Fee's rmx of WizDaWizard's "Don Dada's"  and rmx of  Wam SpinThaBin x Rico Cartel "Risk Taker"

DJ Frisco954's rmx of YN Jay "Summer Time" and remix of Kodak Black "Senseless" 


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

superhero / superantihero

Looking at the 4 Hero early EP The Head Hunter, with its back cover cartoon of the group as malformed beings grotesquely mutated owing to their experimentation with speeding up the bpm... 

It struck me they had one thing in common with The Groundhogs 

But there must be many other examples of musicians becoming comic-strip characters or animations. 

Well, there's the animated sequences in The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle - a ruse around the non-participation of Johnny Rotten in the movie, the virtual nonparticipation of Vicious, and lack of documentary footage of certain key episodes 

                                                            original cel for Rotten

And here's that whole cartoon sequence from tGRnRS 

another sequence involving Vicious and his mum (plus smack and incest) (not actually in the finished movie) seeded these images on the left of the Great Rock'n'Swindle gatefold

which in turn reappeared on the front cover of this single and its music press adverts

Saturday, July 17, 2021

the fantastical things that Canby done with electronic sound


Reading the liner note essay in an old Tod Dockstader CD reissue, I came across this chap Edward Tatnall Canby - among many other things, an early proponent of electronic music.  

Dockstader was one of the composers Canby played on his show for the public radio station WYNC. 

Here below are archived shows from the 1960s in which Canby genially guided listeners into the alien world of musique concrete and electronic music. 




Apparently Canby also played, during these shows, some of his own experiments with electronic music - now that's something I'd like to hear.

Canby was also an audiophile and hi-fidelity expert. And he wrote a book about the history of electricity. 

Here he goes deep into the specifics of a then new kind of tape - chrome 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Resurrection of Todd

A piece by UK Garage-ologist Gabriel Szatan on Todd Edwards's career rebirth 

"If there’s one moment of telepathic audience communication almost every Todd devotee can picture with their eyes closed, it’s this: simply utter the words ‘Jesus Loves UK Garage’, and a rippling harp ushers in the dream sequence.

"It’s New Year’s Day 2003. On the fringes of East London, history is being made. A full decade into his career, Todd Edwards is stepping up for his first club DJ set. The venue is Romford’s  Time & Envy, the night is DJ EZ’s 4by4, and the jet-lagged Jersey boy is sweating with anticipation in a homemade black T-shirt proclaiming Christ’s affection for UKG... 

"EZ slots his records away as Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont and Karl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown beam from the booth’s back wall. Todd is summoned and cues up a custom dubplate cut for the night. Around 1,200 tightly-packed fans surge forward to the sound of — wait, is that The Carpenters? Todd stands, eager but flummoxed, as people begin to cheer and shuffle to the muted intro for 45 seconds or so. Then the tune kicks in, and the venue goes absolutely doolally.

" [Todd recalls]'... They cheered every song, including that preposterous intro, which was intended to show the crowd how my samples worked. I learned so much that night: the interaction between the DJ and the crowd was like nothing I’d experienced in New York. The MC was saying things and the crowd chanting back — as an American, it just sounded like a pep rally.'”

"During his set, this innocence resulted in one amusing misunderstanding. As the crowd demands a rewind, Todd flashes a confused glance back to the MC. Unsure what was being requested, he whiffs at the chance of a thunderous reload, instead merely hitting the stop button and watching the turntable power down. He grimaces at the mention. "Tuff Jam always joke about that.”

Watch the magic and the mishap here https://youtu.be/1UxY5LonBIc  - or below 

Less cheerfully, there's a lot about Todd losing his way, bad management, financial struggles - and failure to capitalize on a later resurgence off the back of Random Access Memories

There's talk about his "lost" album Odyssey (actually released but not to much impact)

"A 2006 love letter to God that slipped through the cracks, ‘Odyssey’ has gathered something amounting to cult classic status amongst in-the-know heads. The album shows a different side to Todd — multiple different sides, in fact, as each track features a different vocal impression. Todd huffed helium to sound like Björk and crooned like Michael McDonald for maximum yacht-pleasing effect. The production is crystalline and the lyrics have an unresolved melancholy to them, seeking salvation in song. As an artistic statement, there’s no real point of comparison anywhere in Todd’s oeuvre." 

Hear it here or below 

"Todd has been chipping away at an improved version of ‘Odyssey’ for close to a decade, and come 2022, there will be an accompanying (re)making-of documentary by filmmaker Billie JD Porter. The new version is, Porter says, “basically a different album by this point. It’s a fresh, loud take on the original. Old school Todd fans are going to be overjoyed when this record hits.”

And here is Todd talking about spirituality, UKG etc at a Red Bull Music Academy event:

Friday, July 2, 2021


listening to this talisman touchstone of an EP again, noticed at Discogs that inscribed into the vinyl there is an early sighting of the word / concept "grimy" 

  • Matrix / Runout (side A, etched): RIVET 1249 - A ∗ - J.T.S. - ∗ "WHY DO THEY WANNA SOUND GRYMEY"

(Onyx were also using the term around this time on the other side of the pond)

I don't know if I'd call the sound on Enforcers 4 "grimy" though - if anything it's reaching for a kind of psychotic slickness 

the beats and the bass on the flipside tracks blew my mind then, and still now 

Thursday, July 1, 2021



Man like Pearsall he say: 

"On July 1st 2021 my good friend Vali NME Click is dropping the pre-orders for the epic 'Message from the Parazone' on @parallaxrecordings, a monster four disc album featuring the best and brightest artists from the modern breakbeat hardcore / jungle scene. To celebrate this momentous event, Vali asked me to put together a retrospective of the label so far, so I've come up with this mix, which picks out at least one track from each of the releases so far, covering both the old skool re-releases as well as the new skool exclusives. Enjoy!"

taste for the compilation:


"Eyes to the horizon...it´s getting closer! This is the 12" sampler that will advance the 4x12" 'Message To The Parazone' album to celebrate the 5th birthday and 10th release of Parallax Recordings.

"The 4-tracker gives an insight into what to expect from the album and offers a wide range of styles: It opens with the dark and mystic 170-groover 'Horizons' by ScanOne. It´s followed by the raw, dubby, Amen-led Dead Man´s Chest Remix of 'Rhodiola'. Originally part of the Subaquatic EP by Tim Reaper it was a collabo with dutch Yorobi and is turning heads in various sets at the moment. On the flip InnerCore slaps us with 'Turbo Sound', an alarming ravey Hardcore beast that will make you jump off your seat and bust shapes in your bedroom. The dark lord FX rounds off the EP in his trademark dark style that only he can do so easily. 'Dark Shadows' is a pitch-black monster with racing, relentless Amens and the evilest mentasms. You don´t want to miss this. "

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kool summer here after bubbles


immediately followed on the album by this wacked out spacy tune 

who knew the people behind 'Celebration' could do something like that? 

sort of vaguely reminded of this - more general vibe than specifics 

Thursday, June 24, 2021



Now here was I imagining that twas Beaumont Hannant  wot invented the word "texturology", which I nicked for Energy Flash

But no!

Enlightenment comes, appropriately enough, from David Toop (via a Facebook post)

It was Jean Dubuffet, back in the late '50s 

"Dubuffet invented various techniques to portray soil in a series of paintings called ‘Texturologies’. For this work [The Exemplary Life of the Soil (Texturology LXIII) 1958 - above], he adapted the ‘Tyrolean’ technique, used by stone masons to texture newly plastered walls. Dubuffet shook a brush over the painting, which was laid on the floor, to scatter tiny droplets of paint across the surface. His intention was to give an ‘impression of teeming matter, alive and sparkling, which I could use to represent soil, but which could also evoke all kinds of indeterminate textures, and even galaxies and nebulae’." - The Tate

Not part of the Texturology series but called "Brutal Beauty" -  a title which again sounds techno but this time more punisher-beatz hardcore Orbit / Final Frontier vibes - or gabber-esque  - or a bit Perc

"Spinning Round"

more Beaumont including one from the Tastes and Textures EP 

Texturology makes me think of this particular gambit of Aphex Twin's 

Communique #1


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proto-jungle? kinda but not really


i have a phantom memory that "The Phantom" is sampled in this 

am I wrong? 

it's a great tune in its stiff way

now this tune ("The Ozone")

reminds me a little bit of this Dem 2 alter-ego tune "Grunge Dub"

and one of Dem 2 actually had a postpunk / industrial background din'e?


otherwise thoughm never quite love-loved the Renegade Soundwave stuff, there was something a bit naff about them (the name, the trying-too-hard-hard-man thing)

explored in this 1989 review 




    A smart move, this. The voices were always an obstacle to enjoying Renegade Soundwave, carrying as they did all kinds of unwelcome connotations: "street credibility"; a clenched, unsmiling masculinity redolent of The Godfathers; a blunt, thuggish menace that colluded with the confrontation-by-numbers subject matter (gangsters, drugs'n'sex, petty crime, nailbiting). Eliminating the human factor has the salutary effect of bringing to the fore Renegade Soundwave's forte: the science of b.p.m., the architectonics of dub-space, dance music as girders and gradients. More groups should leave themselves out of the picture.

    This depersonalised dancescape is mirrored in ciphered titles like "Phantom Sex" and "Pocket Porn Dub". In the RSW universe, contact and involvement have been supplanted by voyeurism and the masturbatory pleasure of 'remote control'; "hot" desire (passion, narrative, motivation) has been superceded by "cool" fascination (surface sensationalism, the instantaneous, chance). The debut album dealt with these preoccupations explicitly; "In Dub" transmits the information non-verbally but just as effectively. Welcome to hyper-reality.

    Apparently, CD players fill in the miniscule errors on CD's by making a considered estimate of what the missing fragment would have sounded like. And it's said that if you deliberately damage a CD you can trick the  computer to compose it's own spectral cyber-music that strays further and further from the organic original. "Phantom Sex" sounds like such a computer impersonation of rare groove, the chuntering, clavinet-squelching bump'n'grind turned to geometry. After this, however, Side One doesn't quite zap the nerve nodes. "Bacteria" is stripped down too far, until all that's left is a skeletal grid-beat drained of funk, plus some Andean flutes and mandolins. "Transition" suggests a desolate, uninhabited dancefloor, but is just too remote. "Pocket Porn" is creepy and clammy, but ends before it gets going, sounds like an off-cut of a grander garment.

    "In Dub" comes into its own on the second side. "Women Respond To Bass" is still low-key, but spiritual with it: an almost ECM guitar twinkles in the far corner of the horizon, intangible whorls and eddies of ambient sound flicker at the thresholds of audibility. "Holgertron", by contrast, is upfront, predatory electro, a stalking cyborg-tarantula. "Recognise & Respond" elaborates a fantastical dub-labyrinth of archways and corridors. "Air Hostess" makes the album's solitary concession to "heart and soul" with an interlude of lachyrmose chords, but is mostly disembodied and decentred: at times, it really does sound like the body of the song has been eviscerated, but the hacked-off limbs continue to keep strict time.    The closing "Black Eye Boy" is the album's only outright dub reggae, with a mesmering cymbal pattern and horns that plummet lugubriously into the abyss between the beats.

    "In Dub" is neither feet-motivating nor heart-pumping, but rather a cerebral pleasure. At best, it provokes a detached, cold admiration; at worst, a blank feeling of disconnection. It's asocial, an event that happens only to solitary individuals: no dancefloors will be fired up by this 'dance music'. In the same way that modern  cyber-technology turns the human mind into a screen, "In Dub" organises your headspace like a mixing desk. Prepare to have your consciousness remixed.

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sampling spotting saddo 3 (putting a rush on)

4 Hero "Time To Get Ill

the easy spottable = beastie boys "Time To Get Ill

the less easy spottable = Stephanie Mills "(You're Puttin') A Rush on Me"

spottage courtesy somebloke on the Facebook Old Skool Hardcore group

always heard that as "hu-mi-li-a-tion"!!  (puttin a rush on / oo - mill - ush- awn) (think it's been sampled elsewhere too, more mangled)

Oh wow, unexpected xtra bonus spottable accidentally spotted just now

 the song is also the source of  Tek 9 "you've got to slow down"!!!

also as in this wunnerful wunnerful remix by the Nookster

all-time top50 jungle tune that

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

re-echoes of Jah

posted this in 2019:


is sampled in this

but (2021 speaking) the Jah-ah-ah Twinklesample also appeared in another Rebel MC tune

there's also some "Fade Away" in there (Junior Byles / Native Steppers) and various other intertextual / interpolative traces

another Jah-ah-ah Twinklesamplige I already noted last time around


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ever increasing Circles


love this

hat tip Kieran Press-Reynolds

feels like this could be a whole vast growth area for music, the superimposition of all-new songs on top of already perfect tunes, in a way that it's totally compatible and only enhances the original

sort of like the mash-up, but with 1/2 the mash being the all-new tune

very very clever - i saw what you done there 

tangentially puts me in mind of FN's "How well disposed would a person have to become to himself and to life to crave nothing more fervently than the infinite repetition without alteration of each and every moment?"

Saturday, June 5, 2021

sample spotting saddo 2 (bits of Slits)


tiny tiny snippet o' Slits whizzes by in this - "silence is a rhythm too"

A bigger chunk o' Ari in this one 

from the start of the Cut version of "Love und Romance" which I can't seem to find on YouTube

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sample spotting saddo (Luke + Eric)

the source - the  secret sauce - practically the whole thing, or the best bit of it = 


okay that's a bit unfair, the plucky sounding instrument bit is good, and the talking East London youth, and the B-line, and the whistling angel-ghost sound

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The Dark Enshitenment

More neuroshame!

Exhibit 1 - the Graphic Language of Neurofunk


The gas mask / chemical warfare protection imagery seems to be a bit of a visual trope signifier thingy with this genre - wonder if it some kind of slippage of nerve gas / neurochemical

also fits the "military are the avant-garde of science" type vibe as clearly part of the fantasy self-conception of neurofunk producers (see quotes below in Exhibit 4)

Interesting to see that you can get samplepaks with all the drum sounds, bass tones and synth pads to get the correct neurofunk finish to your tracks. Even Industrial Strength - a gabber label - getting in on the action there. 

Exhibit 2:  The Neurofunk Canon - a selection

from the Dogsonacid thread, tunes commonly agreed to be zeniths of the form 

Konflict - Messiah


Rregula & Dementia - Humans


N.Phect - Voices 


Catacomb feat. Kantyze & Morebeat - Hammer 


Sinthetix - Cryogenic


Corrupt Souls - Torque

 Insecticide · Proktah and Future Signal


Glitch and SST - Ten Plagues

Sinthetix and N.Phect strike me as the ultimate neurofunk names

Exhibit 3

A comp that 8 or 9 years later fulfilled my fantasies of Neurofunk Flavas, more or less: 

DJ Step – Neurofunk Pleasures

Label: MacroVision Records – MV-169

Series: Drum'N'Bass Vision

Format: CD, Mixed, Digipak

Country: Russia

Released: 2006

1              Unknown Artist–              Queen Of The Night        3:22

2              Rawtekk–            Open Borders    2:40

3              Jade (10)–           Bitch      3:46

4              Amex & Kaiza–  Sourcream          2:30

5              Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch–    More Like You (Unknown Error Remix)

6              Current Value– Mind Bullet         3:44

7              N-Phonix–          Transfix 2:08

8              N.Phect, Dizplay*–          Outspace             3:33

9              N.Phect, Phace–               Confront              2:07

10           Mayhem (7), Codex (9)– Conform?            3:22

11           Unknown Artist–              Untitled               4:14

12           Stakka, Skynet* & DJ Red–           9000 Series         2:26

13           Munk– Spearhead          2:09

14           Optiv–  Circa      1:45

15           Silent Witness, Break*– Hollow  1:57

16           Break–  Catch Off             1:45

17           Afghan Headspin–           Stay Young          1:56

18           N.Phect, Dizplay*–          Brute Force         1:56

19           Gridlok–               Fifth Dimension 1:13

20           Brainfuzz, Kenei–             Welcome To The Game 1:56

21           Prolix–  Choke   2:27

22           Budoka–              Whiplash (Remix)            1:24

23           State Of Mind (8)–           Money Train       2:06

24           Nico (4), Rukkus–             Smartbomb        1:24

25           Noisia & Phace–               Thrillseekers      1:55

26           Rob F & Impulse (3)–      Fallout  2:31


Exhibit 4 - from the horse's mouth

From a UKF feature by Dave Jenkins about how 2015 was a great year for neurofunk

quotes presumably from leading producers and/or deejays

"Neurofunk to me: you wake up, it’s 2pm it’s already dark, you get your breakfast and sit in front of a big computer. You don’t talk to anyone, all you can think of is yesterday’s frequency and you start working around it. It’s a lifestyle that’s similar to hackers; you’re surrounded by technology, you’re obsessed with searching. You’re inventing and you’ll never stop. You’re not social too much. You’re more of a scientist”. – Billain

 "To me neurofunk is a way of life, since I’ve been producing it I’ve been no longer able to listen to the music in a “standard” way, you become a kind of scientist who analyzes and makes experiments in laboratory daily, you become the neurofunk”. – Maztek


also from the feature 

 Neuro: the church of sound design

The key characteristic of neuro: sound design. Noises you’ve never heard before, mixed at degrees of clarity previously unknown to producers before. We’ll let the masters explain why sound design in neuro is so exciting….


Exhibit 5 - Noisia - the most noisome sound in the world!


Noisia - Noisia - Split the Atom 

Noisia - Mantra (Official Video)

How strange to think that a genre that once meant things like Dillinja "Sovereign Melody" or Code 071 "London Sumting Dis"  could end up with this rank wank....

Exhibit 6: The Neurofunk Canon

The Dogsonacid dude Gilius's list of the neurofunk canon and the chronology of the genre's emergence and consummation 



Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion

Ed Rush & Optical - Razorback

Jesus Jones - Chemical #1 (Optical Remix)

Optical - The Shining




Absolute Zero & Subphonics - The Code

Bad Company - The Nine

Calyx - Distopia

Calyx - Octane

Calyx - Reaction Time

Calyx - The Root

E-Z Rollers - Weekend World (Calyx Remix)

Ed Rush & Optical - Compound

Ed Rush & Optical - Slip Thru

Ed Rush & Optical - Splinter

Ed Rush & Optical - The Medicine

Fibre Optix - Sin

Optical - Can U Read

Origin Unknown - Sound In Motion

Psion - Reverse Engineering

Ram Trilogy - Scanners




Acetate - Nyquest '99

Bad Company - 4 Days

Bad Company - China Cup

Bad Company - Morphine

Bad Company - Refuge

Bad Company - Seizure

Cause 4 Concern - Phat Cap

Decorum - All Mighty

Decorum - Contrax

Decorum - In Sanity

DJ Reality - Music Maker (Shimon Remix)

EBK - Vision

Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria

Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion (Remix)

Filibuster - Don't Give Up

Fortran - Sardines (Bad Company Remix)

Fresh & Vegas - Meekon

Grooverider - Where`s Jack the Ripper (Origin Unknown Remix)

Grooverider feat. Optical - Where's Jack The Ripper

Hopa & Bones & DJ Phantasy - The Crow (Stakka & Skynet Electronic Dub Mix)

Karl K - Synapse (Konflict Remix)

Karl K - Synapse

Kemal - Animation

Kemal - Mechanism

Konflict & Usual Suspects - Contact

Konflict - Bad Acid

Konflict - Cyanide

Konflict - Outpost

Konflict - Phobia

Konflict - Roadblock (Matrix Remix)

Konflict - Roadblock

Konflict - State of Mind

Kraken - Analogue Spikes

Kraken - Meatball

Kraken - Side Effects

Magnetic Media - Robotics

Matrix - Six

Matrix - Sleepwalk

Matrix - Temperament

Optical - The Shining (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)

Pantera - Fucking Hostile (Kemal & Rob Data Remix)

Pressure Rise - Let Go (Usual Suspects Instrumental Mix)

Pressure Rise - Let Go (Usual Suspects Remix)

Pressure Rise - Stranger (Bad Company Remix)

Psidream - Dystrophy

Ram Trilogy - Flip the Traps

Ram Trilogy - Human Future

Ram Trilogy - Iron Lung

Ram Trilogy - Snake Bite

Ram Trilogy - System Error (Y2K)

Ram Trilogy - Terminal 2

Ram Trilogy - Time Chamber

Shorn Doda - Merky

Shorn Doda - Red

Spy - Vapour

Spy - Z-Plane

Stakka & K-Tee - Synthesis

Stakka & Skynet - Pathogen

The Playboy Revolutionary - Burning Chrome (Matrix remix)




4 Red Eyes - Signal

Absolute Zero & Subphonics - The Code (Usual Suspects Remix)

Absolute Zero & Subphonics - The Code (Usual Suspects VIP)

Accidental Heroes - Sirus

Acetate - Genetic Engineering

Acetate - Platinum

Andy C & Moving Fusion - Foul Mouth

Appleseed - Please The Keys (Rascal & Klone Remix)

Arkane - Fever

Bad Company - Brain-Scan

Bad Company - Colonies

Bad Company - Dead-Side

Bad Company - Navajo

Bad Company - Night-Train

Bad Company - Rotor

Bad Company - Sentient

Bad Company - Son of Nitrous

Bad Company - Trick of the Light

Black Sun Empire - Skin Deep

Black Sun Empire - Voltage

Boomish - Philly Steak (Matrix Remix)

Budoka - The Unseen

Calyx - Catapult

Calyx - Decompression

Carlito Ft. Rascal & Klone - Like it Like That

Cause 4 Concern - Angel Dust

Cause 4 Concern - Develop

Cause 4 Concern - Epox (Remix)

Cause 4 Concern - Future Funk

Cause 4 Concern - Just Cause

Cause 4 Concern - Projection

Chris.Su - Angel

Chris.Su - Time Warp

Decoder - Bountyhunter

Decoder - Defender

Decoder - Scissorhands

Decoder - Silent

Decoder - Tag

Drum Kru - Thin Air

E-Sassin - Wireframe (TeeBee's Total Transformation Mix)

EB1 - Mamba

EB1 - Shiver

Ed Rush & Optical - Crash

Ed Rush & Optical - Fastlane (Alternative Mix)

Ed Rush & Optical - Syringe

Gridlok - Dilusion

Gridlok - Soul Sucker

Hybridz - Eyewall

Juju feat. Lisa Talev - B-Juice - (Skynet Remix)

Kemal & Paul Reset - Kontempt

Kemal & Rob Data - Hybrid

Kemal & Rob Data - Konspiracy VIP

Kemal & Rob Data - Konspiracy

Kemal & Rob Data - Lime

Kemal & Rob Data - Star Trails

Kemal & Rob Data - Test Tube

Kemal & Rob Data - The Mummy

Kemal - Animation (Konflict's Re-Animation Mix)

Klute - Phone Call (Matrix Remix)

Konflict - Celestial

Konflict - Maelstrom

Konflict - Messiah

Konflict - New World Order

Konflict - Obsidian

Konflict - Pendulum

Konflict - The Beckoning (Usual Suspects Remix)

Konflict - The Beckoning

Kosheen - Demonstrate (Decoder & Substance remix)

Kosheen - Empty Skies (Decoder & Substance Mix)

Kraken - Side Effects (Stakka & Skynet Remix)

Kraken - Spinal Chord

Kraken - Spinal Cord (Remix)

Matrix & Fierce - Climate

Matrix & Fierce - Tightrope

Matrix, Fierce & Ryme Tyme - Light Sleeper

Mo-Funk - Slipstream

nCode - Traction

Profound Noize - Luminous (Remix)

Profound Noize - Nu-Level (Remix)

Q Project - Champion Sound (Bad Company Remix)

Ram Trilogy - Incarnate

Ram Trilogy - Reflection (Shimon Remix)

Ram Trilogy - Reflection

Ram Trilogy - Undergrowth

Random Soundz - Pulverize

Rascal & Klone - Love Story

Rascal & Klone - The Source

Red One - Hotwire

Red One - Kung Fu Fresh

Red One - Playground

Red One - What You See

Sonic & Perfect Combination - Structure

Sonic - Aspect

Sonic - Dark Star

Sonic - Destination

Sonic - Hostage

Sonic - Nautilus

Sonic - Octagon

Sonic - Termite

Stakka & K-Tee - Auto Ignition

Stakka & K-Tee - Synthesis (Remix)

Stakka & K-Tee - Territorial

Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork

Stakka & Skynet - Global Report

Stakka & Skynet - Logistics

Stakka & Skynet - Molecular

Stakka & Skynet - Nightlore

Stakka & Skynet - RF Freq

Stakka & Skynet feat. Keaton - Isolation

State of Play - Poor Mans Deal (Konflict Remix)

State of Play - Searchin (Matrix Remix)

Static-X - Love Dump (Optical Remix)

Stratus - Let's Go Crazy (Skynet Remix)

Substrata - Sunlight Into Shadow

TeeBee - Future War

TeeBee - Gathering Of Developers

TeeBee - Gravity Distortion

TeeBee - Let Go

TeeBee - The Execution

TeeBee - The Gateway

TeeBee - Unknown Approach

Tha Countamen & Alley Cat - Payload (Konflict Remix)

UFO! - My Personal Blackmail (Konflict Remix)

Usual Suspects - Killa Bees (Konflict Remix)

Usual Suspects - Shrapnel (Stakka & Skynet Remix)

If someone was to  make a playlist of all this stuff, then I would... probably listen to the Caravan box set instead. Much better use of my time.