Monday, June 21, 2010

"As soon as I turn off the tape, he literally runs away"

my 1993 interview with the Aphex Twin (a Quietus/Rock's Back Pages co-production)

i was toying a while back with doing the 51 to 100 Albums of the 2000s as a follow up to this and one thing that occurred to me was how nobody anywhere even mentioned the Analord series--granted, a sprawling mass of material that few beyond diehards would have heard every last bit of, but still - at least in part, a splendid return to form.... and as per comments in this vintage interview, a lot of it uncommonly emotional electronica, pensive and introspective

Thursday, June 10, 2010

sample E-piphany time [plus update] [plus second update]

that's Cuba Gooding Snr on vocals there

in the top 10 all time dance trax

flipside of Renegade "Terrorist" which is in the Top 20 all time jungle tracks - i think moving shadow actually had "something i feel" as the A-side originally


now we just need a funky version and the chain will be unbroken

there is also a Blevin Blectum song "The Way the Cookie Crumbles Straight From the Horse's Mouth" on her Talon Slalom album that features the Cuba Gooding Snr/Main Ingredient samples,it's a glitchcore love song to J Lesser her boyf


even more uses of the Cuba Gooding sample in nuumtrax

Saturday, June 5, 2010

"and to think they say there's no such thing as the hardcore continuum!" part 1073

the second one less junglizm than 2steppy, but 's all nuum innit

ruffage alert courtesy Matos

oh yeah and check this ace jungle mix by kode9, further affirming the utter irrelevance of the hardcore continuum to present day musical concerns. innit!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

courtesy of History Is Made At Night the "musicking and dancing" blog

sometimes i ask myself what i was doing in 1989... the answer is falling in love (a major distraction,that) and looking in the wrong musical place for my next dose of bliss (i.e. where oh where is the new MBV/Loop/Daydream Nation)... oh i liked the records all right, but never got with the scene itself... still i'm glad i turned on when i did (hardcore 91 )because i might have burned out before jungle even came about