Monday, January 30, 2017

Not Playing by the Rules 95mix by Scud

another mid-90s ravekore mix by DJ Scud aka Toby Reynolds (no relaysh)

mix-message + tracklist:

Schisms and camps were forming and from the Hardcore Techno POV, Jungle and breakbeats were contested entities. Was "Da Base II Dark"? The more cutting edge DJs and producers were mixing it up though and breaking down the structures; hints of "Breakcore" were emerging from the 4/4 stomp and the Reese beast was unleashed. Also arguably the year of the French underground explosion? (Explore Toi, Epiteth, Gangstar Toons Industry, Network 23 releases galore, Teknivals etc)
01 Lorenz Attractor: Complexity Crisis (Praxis 13)
02 Manga Corps: War Dancer (IST 14)
03 Alec Empire: Sieg Über Die Mayday-HJ (Mille Plateaux)
04 Cylob: Metel (Rephlex 15)
05 Cylob: Skraip (Rephlex 15)
06 Patric C & DJ Moonraker: Untitled (Napalm 6)
07 Kinesthesia: Meltdown Man (Rephlex 14)
08 Choose: Slowgan (Drop Bass Network 21)
09 Somatic Responses: Cyclotron (SSS 02)
10 Pilldriver: Pitch-Hiker (Lost 9)
11 Laura Grabb: W1-W5 (IST 12)
12 DJ Pure & Ec8oR: Violent Shit (Loop 04)
13 Monoloop: Kills Again (Fischkopf 06)
14 Asylum: Da Base II Dark (Metalheadz)
15 A.D.C: Multinoise (X-Forces 01)
16 DJ Trace: The Mutant Remix - Rollers Instinct (SOUR)
17 Curley & R-Zac: Untitled B1 (Network 23 06)
18 Heist: Corridors (Neuroviolence Remix) (Praxis 11)
19 P.Server: Plunger (Fischkopf 07)
20 Somatic Responses: Macroshack (SSS 02)
21 DJ Yubba: Acousta (Praxis 12)
22 C-Tank: Breakcore (Overdrive)
23 Ingler: Erratum (Epiteth 02)
24 Gangstar Toons Industry: Untitled B1 (GTI 05)
25 The Speed Freak: I'm The Butcher (Drop Bass Network 29)
26 Jack Lucifer: I Am Living Death (Kotzaak 04)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Glass World of Matthew Herbert

post title a nod to Anna Lockwood of course

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Vocal Tune / the Top 7 jungle-D+B albums of all time

Did Peshay ever get to do an album?*

Cos twelve variations on this would give The Deepest Cut a run for its money as best jungle album ever....**

Love the can't-be-arsed / all-that-needs-to-be-said quality of the title "Vocal Tune"

Could just as easily - as deservedly - be titled "Drum Tune". Beats so criss.

The vocal in question is, of course, from this - diva-only breakdown starts at about 5.56

* He did.

** What's the competition? Meaning single-artist non-best-of, so that takes compilations out of the running

I'd say it goes:

The Deepest Cut aka Music for the Next Millennium

then Black Secret Technology

then Parallel Universe

then a tie between New Forms and Timeless (programmed on your player to skip the wank bits)

then a tie between Haunted Science and Jacob's Optical Stairway



That's it, isn't it?

I mean, what else is there?

The rest seem either a clear case of couple-of-good-tracks + unnecessary remixes of the classic tunes you loved as singles but have been now rendered not-nearly-as-good. Or really washed out, watery, misguided attempts at quasi-organic musicality / home-listening. (Path that P-man seems to have gone down, judging...)

Foul Play, E-Z Rollers, Adam F, Alex Reece (not that I had much in the way of expectations there!), Grooverider...  all disappointing...

I guess some would rate Photek's long-form efforts...

Two Pages seemed really good - both the "musical" disc and the harsh disc -  at the time, but I can't remember a thing about it.

Source Direct's album similarly impressed then but leaves barely a memory trace.

28 Gun Bad Boy is a bit early to count as jungle / D&B and anyway isn't a real album, what with that megamix taking up such a huge swathe of it...

It is a track-oriented genre, jungle / D&B, and it's on that basis that it stakes a mighty claim to be the greatest dance genre ever - and also a generator of great compilations galore.

But albums - that was never really going to be its forte

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

(c)old rush 94, or, Ajax for the Ears!

Toby Reynolds (no relation) aka DJ Scud with a 94-circa hardtekno ravekore mix


Some of my favourite tunes from the zenith of the creative (c)old rush of the '90s. It was all going down in '94! Jungle was on the rise; the CJB was looming; The Spirals had just emigrated to France; but the bunkers and warehouses were still dripping with sweat, blistering hard analogue mayhem and pounding kick drums. Neck that wrap of speed, put on your urban camo and dance into the strobes!
01. Difficult Child: Big Bang (Magnetic North 06)
02. VCF: Start of the Art (Magnetic North 08)
03. No Face: Love or Kill (Praxis 06)
04. Fly by Wire: Last Voyage (Magnetic North 09)
05. Centuria City: The Dungeon (Hot Trax 2931)
06. Program 1: MF SKulls (PCP)
07. Death: Electronic Realisations Chapter 1 (Trope 10)
08. Cyberchrist: Salvation (DJ.ungle Fever 10)
09. No Face: Master of the Lost Souls (Praxis 6)
10. Woody McBride: Talking to the Sun (Magnetic North 11)
11. Koenig Cylinders: Liberation (IST 06)
12. Nick East: Increased Outline (Drop Bass Network 11)
13. The Crusher: Red Lights (Kickin 50)
14. Sulfurex: Point Break (Extortion 01)
15. Disasta Blasta: 2 Hard (SS 15)
16. Distortion Bastardz: A2 (SS 06)
17. Liquid Bump: Flood (Hot Trax 2924)
18. Nick East: Access (Drop Bass Network 11)
19. Diesel M: M-Ziq Mix (Choci's Chewns Blue 01)
20. DJ Jackal: Drumtrax Pt.1 (Praxis 9)
21. Biochip C: Untitled (DJ.ungle Fever 05)
22. Ilsa Gold: Elizabeth Short's 78 Hours Rave (Main Frame 11)
23. Zekt: Dreamstate (Drop Bass Network 20)
24. Liquid Bump: Kickquake (Hot Trax 2924)
25. Zekt: External (Adam & Eve 14)
26. Gringo: Slayer (Mono Tone 24)
27. M.C.P: Untitled (Fischkopf 4)
28. DJ Bleed: Sexy Intelligence Council (DHR 02)
29. Mescalinum United: Symphonies of Steel Part 1 (PCP)
30. Woody McBride: Hellion (Drop Bass Network 02)
31. Mooses on Acid: MC 202 BPM (Drop Bass Network 15)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

fave raves

little promo-thing around S+A i did for iD about me fave clubs /raves ever   (not sure why they didn't ask for fave glam tunes, then)

leitmotif theme: the crowd-as-star

Tuesday, January 3, 2017