Monday, October 31, 2016

on the radio

"im just proud of my accomplishments"

and endlessly, the song of the year - at least in this city, there's no contest:

well, some contest maybe: "Lowlife" first equal with "One Dance"

what i love in so many of these tunes is that backing vocals backdrop thing - (see also "Antidote", "Panda" -  the strange little strangled cries and gasps and seal-barks and choked outbursts -  the histrionic whoops with a rolled 'r' / first consonant

who invented that then?

hardcoreween mix

Robin the Fog mix of 90s darkcore and scary soundFX made by BBC boffins - actually done several months ago

Robin sez (or sed) "last week I had the good fortune to come across two separate vinyl treasure troves: the first a collection of mint-condition Oldskool Hardcore 12″s and the second a trio of LPs from the BBC’s classic Sounds Of Death And Horror SFX series. And I figured what better way to salute such outrageous good fortune than to produce a half-hour radio programme where these two separate worlds were slammed together?! The result is a truly joyous escapade that pits classic tracks by Noise Factory, Nebula II and Egyptian Empire against assorted werewolves, baying lunatics, killer bees, some eye-gouging and a cameo from Pacman himself. And while you’d be forgiven for assuming such behaviour to be the revolutionary outpourings of some dangerous maverick, it’s a curious truth that the opposing worlds of hardcore and horror have proved surprisingly compatible bedfellows in the past. Producers such as Boogie Times Tribe, Shy FX and Urban Shakedown (to name a few) have all pilfered Auntie’s scary sounds to great effect, and this classic track by MC Lethal just might have sampled one of the ominously tolling bells on the second side of Even More Sounds Of Death and Horror, but the jury is still out on that one (the jury is me)."

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


feeling this new tune by 2 Bad Mice 

sort of matured and chilled old skool with a deeper vibe

shades of 'waremouse' but mellowed out 

love MC Flux's contributions 

this other track from the forthcoming Gone Too Soon EP - first release in over a decade - is more straightforwardly retro-rave 

ooh and there's this too which has me flashing on the dense murky choppage of the Underworld EP

Monday, October 24, 2016

LostFuture Sound of London

FSOL jumping a tad belatedly on the haunty bandwagon?

I mean this description off of Discogs is very Mordant Dead Air, don't you think?

Blackhill Transmitter

Real Name:
Brian Dougans & Gary Cobain
The once active transmitter / receiver now lies silent albeit for the faint crackling and buzzing as if ghosts from the past still wish to be heard...

Then there's the analogue-is-over resonance of the name:

The Black Hill transmitting station is a facility for FM and TV broadcasting at Black Hill (grid reference NS828647), on Duntilland Road, SalsburghNorth Lanarkshire,Scotland which is near the town of Airdrie.... The present mast is the second to have been built at the site. The first, built in 1957 brought the Independent Television service to Central Scotland and opened for service on 31 August 1957.,,,,  In June 2011, Black Hill became the final transmitter in Scotland to switch off analogue television. 

Then there's the artwork


Thursday, October 20, 2016

squat acid

back in the day, always liked the idea of liking this stuff, for its spirit

and for the title of the comp It's Not Intelligent... It's Not From Detroit... But It's Fuckin' Aving It!!!

the reality though...

it's a bit wearing

i wonder why i find it more wearing than gabba, which is faster and more punitive?

often the inspiration seems to extend as far as the artist name and the track title

okay i am highly amused by these