Friday, February 24, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


all from this compilation

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"Bangin B-Line present..."

mix of nearly all of the Invisible Man by Drumtrip's Law


1.. The Invisible Man – The End… (Drug Induced Psychosis Mix) – Timeless
02.. The Invisible Man – The End… (Alternate Mix) – Timeless
03.. The Invisible Man – Twisted – Timeless
04.. The Invisible Man – On A Mission – Timeless
05.. The Invisible Man – Cyclone – Sublogic
06.. The Invisible Man – Power – Timeless
07. The Invisible Man – The Beginning – Timeless
08.. The Invisible Man – The Tone Tune – Good Looking
09.. The Undergraduates – Space – Camden Tunes
10.. The Invisible Man – Skyliner – Timeless
11.. The Invisible Man – The Flute Tune – Sublogic
12.. The Undergraduates – Into Da Future – Timeless
13.. The Invisible Man – The Bell Tune – Good Looking
14.. Mysteron – U Don’t Know – Timeless
15.. The Invisible Man – Skyliner (Remix) – Timeless



Sunday, February 12, 2017

got me all a-glow

another tingly memory from my secret life as jazz-funk (semi-)fan

such a sweet melody, such a cool clear vocal -  a rapt stillness of longing

love the song's strange mood of wistful desire - suffused with anticipatory poignancy - as if staying inside that sweet ache forever might be better even than arriving at the destination

adding charm, the slightly clunk lyric - "like it very much", "just you and me my dear", "got me all a-glow"

the ordinariness of young English love

like Ingrid Mansfield Allman's image too - inventing Janelle Monae a couple of decades ahead of schedule

the official video (with boosted audio), a real lo-budget murky  affair -

(how this same combo could then produce the abomination that is "I.O.U." is a mystery for all time(

oh dear, they were a proper jazz fusion band at heart

 Ingrid-less tunes like this are why i wasn't a jazz-funk fan

Saturday, February 11, 2017

the only life i know

liked this as a lad (Crawford's breathy jazzed vibrato, the slinky leisurely funk, the deliciously flecked light-touch breakdown that first comes in at 1.30)

but didn't pick up on the drug references... or the darker message (to you rudey)

actually interviewed Randy C would you believe, in '86 or '87.... a favour to a fellow journalist at MM who had taken on too many assignments... lovely lady, naturally

Wednesday, February 8, 2017