Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017

RIP Marcus Intalex

one of the great tunes of the great summer of 1994

pummel tunnel

bit House of God in feel - a clanky pummel through a dank reverb tunnel

which  - 26 years on from the DHS maxi-EP in question - does feel a wee bit "arrested phuture" .... but tuff tune nonetheless

ah there appears to be some kind of esoteric spiritual / philosophical thread running through this dude's releases

what with a whole album (from a year and a bit ago) based around a Buddhist concept - Vipassanā

ooh look, a track with Ike Yard aka Stuart Argabright,

on the same label as The Present  - who did some tunes I liked in a nu-darkcore vein a while back, like this (which I think they've refurbished in some way)

not sure about their newer stuff though

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Mover, Selected Classics (Remastered 2017) / Gloomcore mix by DJ Scud

DJ Scud with a new mix of 96-era gloomcore / avant-gabber / speedcore

01: Neuroviolence: Shattered (Zero Tolerance)
02: Dr Macabre: Voodoo Nightmare (Power Plant)
03: Renegade Legion: Dark Forces (Dance Ecstasy)
04: D'Arcangelo: Somewhere in Time (Rephlex)
05: Final Dream: Eternal Darkness (Audio Illusion)
06: The Mover: Over Land & Sea (PCP)
07: Decoder: Fog (Hard Leaders)
08: Headcleaner: 139A (Head Cleaner)
09: Somatic Responses: Axon (IST)
10: Trace & Nico: Amtrak (Nu Black)
11: Somatic Responses/Caustic Visions: Malignant Earth B2 (Network 23)
12: Nasty Habits: Shadow Boxing (31 Recs)
13: Trace & Nico: Squadron (Nu Black)
14: French Connection: Bio Hazard (Super Special)
15: ADC: MTA-100 (X-Forces)
16: Somatic Responses: Space Grinder (Praxis)
17: Somatic Responses: Insecure (Praxis)
18: Marshall Masters: Stereo Murder (The Rave Creator's Final Warning!) (Cold Rush)
19: Neuroviolence: Surfing on a Sea of Blood (Zero Tolerance)
20: Negative Burn: Gates of Hell (Dance Ecstasy)
21: Christoph de Babalon: Nameless 2 (DHR)
22: XMF: Grave (XMF)
23: No Name: Black Dreams (Fischkopf)
24: XMF: Antimusic (XMF)
25: Mobile Squat Base etc: Waiting, Love on the Way (Explore Toi)
26: Mindfuck: The Mindfuck (Hacker-Terminator) (Explore Toi)
27: TR & Klaus Kombat: Garde a Vue (Sans Pitie)


"See you in 2017"

A new collection of remastered anthems and atmospheres from gloomcore god The Mover aka Marc Acardipane - out May 26, 2017 

Press release: 

Over two decades have passed since The Mover AKA Marc Acardipane made his first appearance to the world of electronic dance music. Under the wings of Planet Core Productions (PCP) his releases spoke for themselves and he quickly earned a special pioneer status and cult following. The Mover was always a unique sound leaning towards the edge of darkness and abstract characteristics. 

With several releases on his co-owned label PCP as well as R&S Records and Tresor he always managed to create unforgettable milestones of raw, apocalyptic yet danceable tunes that have remained timeless and individual until today. 

With „The Mover - Selected Classics (Remastered 2017)“ on his freshly launched label „Planet Phuture“ he returns to the surface and shakes the world with a compelling assortment of the most impactful tracks in a remastered, fresh sound quality. Experience an uncompromising dystopia with tracks like „Nightflight (Nonstop 2 Kaos)“, „Into Wasteland“ or „We Have Arrived“. „Astral Demons“, „Waves Of Life“ or „Spirit Slasher“ will pull you deeper into the center of your subconscious mind and certainly leave you dazzled. 

„The Mover - Selected Classics“ is unquestionably one of those releases that can’t be ignored and must be a part of everyones Techno collection! 


Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived (Remastered 2017) 
Nightflight (Nonstop 2 Kaos) (Remastered 2017) 
Into Wasteland (Remastered 2017) 
Astral Demons (Remastered 2017)
Invite The Fear (Remastered 2017) 
Over Land & Sea (Remastered 2017) 
Final Sickness (Remastered 2017) 
Down Deep And Cold (Remastered 2017) 
Spirit Slasher (Remastered 2017) 
The Emperor Takes Place (Remastered 2017) 
Mescalinum United - Reflections Of 2017 (Remastered 2017) 

Waves Of Life (Remastered 2017) 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

dubplate archaeology

via Steeve Cross, a piece on Dominic Angas - the Dom in Dom & Roland - and his nuum-archaeologist quest for rare jungle & d+b  dubplates - including his own long-lost tune "The Trap" that got played out at Metalheadz at the Blue Note - but never got a proper release

(writes Dave Jenkins) "The Trap" was / is "a thundering, high-pressure amen workout shrouded in ghostly atmospheres that perfectly capture the mood, energy and creativity of the era. Grooverider was the only known DJ to have “The Trap” on dubplate and the sole master DAT tape was lost somewhere in the haze of weed smoke and excitement between Dom’s studio and Music House."

this quest has led to the project  Dubs From The Dungeons  "a series of mid-to-late-90s classics that were the sole preserve of Blue Note’s frontier elite and never-before-released"

initially  Dom + R dubs like this

but soon to expand to "similarly heavyweight peers’ private collections... [including] Dillinja’s massive dubplate dungeon" which will seed  “Acid Rollers” b/w “End Of The Line” 

Remember liking some of D+R's tunes a lot at the time - dark dank doom-laden amorphousness - but overall it's not a phase (96/97) I've revisited - that goes for No U Turn too for some reason, and I loved loved LOVED that stuff at the time. it was the last blast (not that I knew it, then) of my jungle-D&B passion - literally the end of the line

Monday, May 1, 2017

nuummed out

this lot have bypassed me

one online dancemag asserts that this Bristol duo  "unify garage, dubstep, grime and drum’n’bass to push the boundaries of dance music'-

nothing wrong with that sentence - just so long as you insert a "not" in front of "push" or a "hardly at all" after "dance music"!

a sort of undeniably effective but ultimately unforgivably cautious composite of ideas from across bassline, dubstep, deep tech, drum & bass, UKG and breakstep,,,,

ending up in a similar sort of redundancy zone as nu skool breaks...  tiny slivers of not-quite-novelty achieved through aggregation and compositing the already-known

and there's a similar dirtless clinical quality to the end result

a safeness / sterility that makes the sudden popping up of classic, well-worn rootical / dancehall samples like "can't set it" irritating

some of their earlier stuff (which got the Zed Bias seal of approval if that means anything in the mid-2010s...)