Monday, May 1, 2017

nuummed out

this lot have bypassed me

one online dancemag asserts that this Bristol duo  "unify garage, dubstep, grime and drum’n’bass to push the boundaries of dance music'-

nothing wrong with that sentence - just so long as you insert a "not" in front of "push" or a "hardly at all" after "dance music"!

a sort of undeniably effective but ultimately unforgivably cautious composite of ideas from across bassline, dubstep, deep tech, drum & bass, UKG and breakstep,,,,

ending up in a similar sort of redundancy zone as nu skool breaks...  tiny slivers of not-quite-novelty achieved through aggregation and compositing the already-known

and there's a similar dirtless clinical quality to the end result

a safeness / sterility that makes the sudden popping up of classic, well-worn rootical / dancehall samples like "can't set it" irritating

some of their earlier stuff (which got the Zed Bias seal of approval if that means anything in the mid-2010s...)

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Tim 'Space Debris' said...

Got a good laugh here.

I like it when you tell it like it is Simon.