Tuesday, May 31, 2016


who knew there was a video

the classic 5, them


forgot about this late beaut


bonus bits''

drum and bass - the terminus

and the re-terminus - last ever remix

i think i prefer the un-remastered version of the original 'shadow boxing' (20 years ago right) - it's murkier and more malevolent

and not hugely impressed with the remix although have liked stuff by Om Unit

the 97 remix was severe i seem to recall

"shadow boxing", "squadron" and "metropolis" - drum & bass was done, after that.

that trilogy = the final testament.


flipside to "Shadow Boxing", quite dank 'n' brutal .... butchers-block stomp-trudge enlivened with bursts of rinse-mash

Monday, May 30, 2016

Ladbroke lovers

Viv reading a book about patriarchal attitudes

Monday, May 23, 2016

the eternal return of illegal raves / "stacking"

broadcast by Vice on the anniversary of Castlemorton  -  that magic number 23 beloved of Spiral Tribe -  here's a doc on the resurgence of Britain's illegal raves

Karl Kraft, who alerted me to this doc, says he doesn't think there's really been a renaissance - that the illegal-rave scene have been bubbling away in a more or less steady state since the late Nineties, with some areas being particular strongholds - including East Anglia, where he used to live, which for a good while in the 2000s had the fiercest and most full-on illegal-rave scene in the country.

He tells me of a thing called "stacking"  - a sort of dancing scrum -  " this bouncy group dance which is like a Ketamine thing I think, because you're all leaning in on each other, propping each other up"

KK also tells me about the time a rave mob besieged a police station in Great Yarmouth in protest against the arrest of individuals involved in staging a rave

the sickness of slickness

other good moments on this album too

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

itchy funk

gqom on in

(via the Dissensus thread)

hardvapour, or "feel-bad rave music on shitty drugs"

"Inside ‘hardvapour’, the internet’s latest microgenre - Like vaporwave, seapunk, and witch house before it, hardvapour is a tongue-in-cheek microgenre that’s growing into something much bigger" - Dazed article by Mike Broomfield

"the micro-microgenre that’s being described as “fucking straight-up stupid”“angry feel-bad rave music on shitty drugs”"

wosX : “It’s a complete antithesis to what vaporwave originally set out to be: fast music, non-sampled work, darker themes, anti-nostalgia, grim aesthetics, Slavic cultural influences in response to the majorly Asian culture within vaporwave.”

"The hoover-thump of gabber never sounded so melancholic as it does on “Bloodline”.... a mournful rave on the post-apocalyptic shores of the Black Sea."

"The understated Balkan influence here is poignantly dystopic, as accordions wheeze alone among the street sounds of a ruined future city."

Slavic and Balkan influences? Gabber and industrial-EBM-darkwave and turbofolk flavas? 

All that reminds me a bit of another spoof - of mine and Matt's 

Monday, May 2, 2016

"A Brief Republic of Partying"

A piece for RBMA by Digital Magma author Jean-Yves LELOUP  on the early days of French rave