Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dissensus Jungle Poll - the next 165

And here are the next 164 or so tunes that to me make up the Jungle Canon (while not being anywhere near complete of course)

With this lot been less strict about straying earlier than the 93/94/95 parameters

there are definitely '92 tracks that are already junglistic in vybe

(also might have few '96 tunes in there as well, blurring the other temporal boundary set up - for understandable reasons I think - by Sadmanbarty. Although for me personally ' 96 while definitely a drum & bass rather than jungle era, was still a firing year, with tons of great stuff - jump up, techstep and even a few late-phase slinky and glowing "intelligent" tunes of note. '97 is when things start to feel a bit "cold" - as in frigid, as in "leave me...")

Foul Play Finest Illusion (Legal Mix)
Sonz of a loop da loop era - Bust That Groove
Goldseal tribe, “living lonely”
Bay-B Kane – rhythm
Payback - eastenders
Dj ron-crackman
Hype / ganja kru - computerise
AMAZON II --- "Booyaaa! (Remix)"
Hyper-on Experience – Lords of the Null Lines original
Higher sense, “cold fresh air (remix)”
Dave wallace, “expressions”
Shimon, “predator”
DJ Massive - Ruff in the Comfort Zone
Acro, “superpod”

Noise Factory - Future II (The Remix) - 3rd Party (1993)

Potential Bad Boy – “Let’s Go (Remix)” and “Let’s Get Remix
DJ Phantasy - The Jungle Remix's - Lets Go (Remix)
Slipmatt, “Breakin’ Free”
DJ Dextrous and H Pee, "Hot Flame"
2 Bad Mice, Underworld
Tom + Jerry, ‘Dancer’
Aphrodite, You Take Me Up

4 Hero - The Element (High Noon)

Manix (feat. Marie Antoinette) Reach Out

A-Zone- Callin’ All the People’
Kaotic Chemistry – Illegal Subs (krome and time remix)
Bodysnatch, ‘Euphony (just for you London)”
Bodysnatch, “Revenge of the punter”
Code 071, “London sumting dis”
Tek 9, “We bring anybody down”
D-Force, “Ruff!”

D Force - Original Bad Boy

Dope Style, “You must think first”
Engineers Without Fears, “spiritual aura”
 Jo, “r type”
Shy FX/UK Apachi, “original nuttah”
The Untouchables, “Take Me Away”
Plasmic Life, “water babies”
Hidden Agenda, “Is It Love”
 DJ Trace, “lost Entity”
Johnny Jungle – Johnny
Johnny jungle - flammable
DJ Trace, “jazz primitives”
Warped Kore, “The power”
The Criminal Minds, “Re-Baptised by Dub”
Baby D, “let me be your fantasy (ray keith remix)”
Dillinja, “Ja Know Ya Big",

Flynn & Flora - Jungle Love

Peshay- Vocal Tune
House crew – superhero
2 Bad Mice's "Shooby Corner", 
E-Z Rollers - Rolled Into One
E-Z rollers – believe (original mix)
Remarc + Lewi Cifer - Ricky
Droppin Science - Step Off
droppin science – vol 1
Droppin science – vol 2

Sonz of a loop da loop era –session one (Riots in Rayleigh)

Remarc – thunderclap

Remarc - Sound Murderer (Loafin In Brockley Mix)

dillinja - the angels fell
goldie – jah
Scott & Keith - Get Busy Cru - Reinforced
dillinja – deadly deep subs
Dillinja - You Dont know
Crystl - Let it roll - Deejay
Crystl - Dark Crystl - Force Ten
Goldie – Kemistry
DJ Buz Slave Special
Smokey Joe's "A Special Request"
Ganja Crew's "Computerize”
Shades of Rhythm, “Peace Sign (Rogue Unit Remix)”
Teego "Plenty Lovin'
Nicky Blackmarket-- "Wild Geese"
T.Power --"Horny Mutant Jazz" (SOUR)
Goldie – “Inner city life”
Rhythm for reasons - Smoker's delight
Asylum - Da Bass II Dark
Wots My Code – “XLR-8 (simply rolling mix [ray keith?])” aka What’s My Name E.P.
Egyptian Empire – the horn track
Noise factory – futuroid
Noise factory – survival

Noise Factory - Warning (Dub Mix)

Noise factory – “my mind”
Noise factory – be free
Noise factory  - set me free
Noise factory – breakage #2
-          Straight from the bedroom
-          Breakage #4
Satin storm, think I’m going out of my head
Dms – Vengeance
Gappa g and hypa hypa – the roach is burning

Grooverider - Sinister (The Influence Remix)

Metalheadz, “Knowledge”
Rufige Cru, “Menace”
Rufige Cru, “Jim Skreech”
Rufige Cru, “Darkrider”
Ed rush – gangsta hardstep
Ed rush - guncheck
Dj phantasy – tell me something
Dj seduction – you can dance
Kaotic chemistry – drum trip II
2 bad mice-  mass confusion
-         2 Bad mice - Pitch black
-          2 bad mice - tribal revival
2     2 bad mice- waremouse remix
Doc scott – machines
Nasty habits – dark angel
-          NASTY HABITS - Mayday mayday
4 hero – in the shadow (sundown)

4 hero the elements ( fire & water remix )

 Tek 9 – you got to slow down
4 hero – terraforming
4 hero – shadow run
Cold mission – drug store rude boy
Rufige cru – rollin like scottie
Rufige cru  - ghosts of my life
Rufige cru  - high rollers ghostin’
Metalheadz – saint angel
Hyper-On Experience – Disturbance
M-Beat – Rumble

Potential Bad Boy - Feel The Energy

 Suspicious Minds ‎– Some Harmony / Some Harmony (Hardmix)/ Sitting Low (Bass Trip Mix)
"X" Cert - Rising 2 The Bass”
RTCNJB - Rough Ride
On remand – “controlling”
 SMB – rush stimulator
DJ phantasy -- the jungle's remix aka tell me something


 Tom & jerry – air refreshener
A Guy Called Gerald, “The Reno”
Slipmatt – hear me
Desired state – beyond bass
Andy c – something new
Sonz of a loop da loop era - skratchadelikism
Hyper On Experience - Half Stepper
A send and ultravibe – what kind of world

DJ Ron - Mo Musik (African Chant)

Bizzy b and equinox – seven minutes of madness

Bizzy b – infactuation
Bizzy b and peshay – merder style

Potential Bad Boy & Chatter B - Vibes

Potential Bad Boy ‎- Skip To My Loop
Roni size, It’s a jazz thing

Chimeira – “Deeper Life” 
DJ Dextrous and H Pee, "Junglist"
Low Key Movements, "Come Cross"
D-Force, "Step Up General"
4 Hero, "Cooking up Ya Brain (Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era Remix)"
Parallel World - "Tear Into It"
The Invisible Man, "Bell Tune"

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