Tuesday, August 13, 2019


trope reached earlier (1991) than the famous and supreme example (1995)

other notable nuum slaves

bit of Grace there via the musique concrete-y psycho-acapella track on the Slave to the Rhythm album

have i ever heard this super long 12 inch version of 'Slave to the Rhythm'? I'm really not sure

any more notable "slaves" in the rave-dance-disco-house realm?

postscript 8/14 

Ian S in Comments points out these examples:

he mentions a "slave" thematic to this but I can't hear it


ian_s said...

Not in the title, but most people would automatically think of Toxic 2 - Rave Generator.

Without cheating, the only other tracks I can think of are:
Love Nation - Slave To The Rave (compilation-only 1994 happy track)
Rum & Black - Slaves


damn, i should have remembered that Rum and Black - knew there was at least one other nuum-zone tune with 'Slaves' in the title

Jim said...

Kunte Kinte crops up in the rave era, originally sampled from The Revolutionaries channel 1 classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jliZ6PpUcIY melody based on the theme from 70s TV slave saga Roots. Examples off the top of my head Jericho by the Prodigy and more obviously Kunte Kinte by Congy Natty.