Thursday, August 8, 2019

mashing up history

check the slogan on the label of this version of the original Jem 77 tune -
"Proper Bloodclaart Pirate Radio Bizness"

this other recent Rave 2 the Grave tune is better than the Jem 77/Cubic 22 one I think

of course there were tracks that were effectively mash-ups  -  aka rip-offs - happening in real-time back in the old skool days. i can't think of any examples off the top, but there were quite a few that were composites of existing killer tunes.

This Mickeybeam75 chappie is slinging this kind of thing up there, along with a lot of high-quality uploads of original-era tunes

this one - not a mash up but a new-old tune -  is quite devastating, beats and bass-wise. really like it

Here's the whole Wetman  EP on Vivid

Funny title

This is an earlier EP by Wetman


Anonymous said...

Some examples of mashup tunes at the time would be Dave Charlesworth's Energizer series and Slipmatt's SMD series


yes, good examples

there's lots more i think

it was a syndrome - almost a bit like the early Sixties when people were rush out of a cover of a hit record by Beatles or Hollies or whoever, in the hope seemingly that people would buy it by accident

another syndrome was a hit in America (or in the UK) gets a rapid-response cover by someone on the other side of the Atlantic hoping to score a preemptive hit before it gets released in that territory, and often the inferior, or paler, copy succeeded and the definitive

but these hardcore back in the day mash-ups are more blatantly parasitic - while also quite enjoyable and if you're like obsessed with the sound, somebody you'll gladly lap up despite the redundancy - the consumer-fan logic of reconsumption

another example of the latter is when you are so into a record, that even though you've got a copy already, when you see again in a shop you almost buy it again, a sort of repurchase of the moment, or doubling of libidinal attachment

Pearsall said...

The previous comment was by me, not sure why it went through anonymously ... weird!

Another cool mashup was this 93 release on Strictly Underground, that mashed all the M-D-Emm tunes into one:

Like a personal megamix of your own tunes!