Monday, November 26, 2018

right on one, matey

goodness me, i never saw this until this minute - it's like a Poundshop Residents, visually.

go on, let's have some more then - cheap n crappy but in rear-view mirror charming and indicative acid-house and rave videos

suggested by Ian S in the comments, this slice of classic bouncy Scottish core

and another late addition, stumbled on by yours truly


ian S said...

This is my favourite, although it is from 1994 (and Scottish)

The Rhythmic State - Another World

I find this video really charming, you can almost feel the excitement about them making a video - especially when set against their set limitations (a few braziers on fire, a dog running about, arsing around in a pipe) and the fact that it seems to have been filmed on some waste ground in an industrial estate.

The track itself is the type of cheese that never seems to go out of fashion in the Scottish rave scene, and a world (another world) away from any kind of progression, but I rather enjoy it.


yeah that's a really fun video, done on the extreme cheap!