Wednesday, November 21, 2018

mouth music (mumbledelia)


Charlie W said...

If I had kids, this is what they would listen to to annoy me. Which is as it should be, and there's no way I'm going to have an epiphany with this type of music no matter how hard I try and understand the mindset and conditions that lead to its development and audience. I feel for the first time, that I'm able to accept that I'm too old to enjoy or truly understand a cutting edge sound coming from the hip hop /electronic music sphere.

Ian S said...

Did you ever see Tim Cant's series of interviews with Alex Banks (Hyper On Experience / E-Z Rollers) on YouTube? They're really informative and highly entertaining.

Shame I've not really been bowled over by the new HOE tracks.


i did see them yes, Ian

didn't realise there were new tunes though

Charlie, i know what you mean - of course in my case i am OVERJOYED to actually love some current music. most things my fellow critics like, seem either mystifying or overly virtuous.