Thursday, July 14, 2022

the greatest label of the Nineties?

Pearsall, aka Randall Helms, launches a new mix series in celebration of Moving Shadow - there'll be a mix dedicated to each of their golden years, starting with this one for 1993

Update: and already here's the one for 1994  with a release rationale at the blog

Begging the question for some (including me) of why not start with '92? Pearsall explains why and discusses the ongoing series here at his Sonic Rampage blog

Could I pick a favorite Shadow tune from 1993? It would be very hard, but it would be this mix of "Open Your Mind" (rather than the Tango which P-Man plumps for).  Hearing it on the pirates and initially not knowing what it was - I couldn't believe music like this could exist.  

And then '94 -  I wouldn't really know where to begin, so ample are that year's riches - but Blame's "Anthemia" would have to be on (omitted from the Pearsall mix - possibly impossible to mix into a mix?) and Omni Vol.4's "Original Soundtrack" just for the intro.... But also EZ Rollers "Believe (Foul Play Remix"... and.... but... also 

As for the title of the post - that's infinitely arguable, I'm sure, but if there was one that might just pip Shadow to the title, it would do that through sheer grandeur of vision-quest  and it would be Reinforced. 

But Moving Shadow would vault ahead of the Rivet boys if the honorific was shifted slightly and became "the most beloved label of the Nineties". No more miraculously overflowing source of euphoria exists for me in that decade than this label's output. 



ahr2nd said...

The first label I fell in love with, well after it closed shop. I'd pick Renegade Snares, but I think the later Foul Play remixes are better. (You probably already know, but: Exciting that Rob has a Bandcamp page now.)

And this was always a favorite, though I'm not sure it's well remembered (a Discogs comment concurs):


Every version of "Renegade" is sublime but the way it just builds and builds from the original through FP#1 and then FP#2 is extraordinary - I can't think of a remix escalation like it.

Pearsall said...

I am saving 'Renegade Snares' for 1995 - I had to go with the Foul Play VIP, which is my personal favorite


yeah it's the ultimate isn't it. my favorite single of the '90s possibly.