Saturday, July 2, 2022

why don't you love me - NOW!

 A long-running mystery tune abruptly identified!

An early work by Neil Trix (who a few years later I'd interview by phone for the Ambient Jungle / Nuum Series #2 Wire piece, largely on account of his majestic audio-canvas "Gesture Without Motion" which appeared on Enforcers 6 & 7)

This first salvo = ruff n tuff Brit-B-boy breakage, in that "Drum Trip II" sort of zone

But where's that insistent (indignant?) diva vocal from?


Another killer Trix tune that is a bit of 'mystery track' for me if not a frontline urgent-to-identify

More FBD Project darkcore - bit of a classic, with the downswooping slime-sounds and doomy bass-steps

Regarded highly enough to get the Johnny Jungle remix

the Trix mix

"Warning: This is a Serious E.P." 

The Future! That's where we're heading, that's where we're already living!

"some of us live for the future" the voice wheedles slimily

According to Discogs, the FBD in FBD Project originally stood for Funded By Drugs  

Then later on it stood for Future Beyond Dance

In that little shift, the story of rave is distilled 

From ardkore to artcore

From the frenz-E of NOW! to an increasingly kitschy palette of futuristic imagery, titles, names and sonix

Bang-In-Tunes though, as the label name Trix & cru stuck with right through to 1998, continues to fly the rave flag  

From Discogs:

"Bang-in Tunes was originally a Coventry record shop with close links to The Eclipse and Amnesia House. The shop's Baby&Gun art work was done by Coventry graffiti artist Toz.

The label was owned by Luke Coogan & Neil Trix (aka FBD Project), with much of the studio work done in the basement studio of the shop on Hale St. Coventry.

Launched as a hardcore label the first release came out in 1992 and was followed by some classic dark side in 1993 before moving towards the more intelligent drum & base style from 1994 onwards."

stop press: Michaelangelo Matos directs me to the actual Bang-In-Tunes mixtapes lovingly audio archived on the internet!

the first one

with the tunes ID-ed here

the second one on YouTube


I must do a proper trawl through the Bang-In-Tunes discography at some point

I shall leave you with "Gesture Without Motion", the T.S. Eliot "The Hollow Men"-via-Marlon Brando  / Colonel Kurtz via Apocalypse Now sampling epic done for Enforcers 6 & 7

I remember listening to this over and over on headphones on the beach at Shelter Island that summer. 

A VIP unreleased version that came out a few years ago

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thirdform said...

surprised you hadn't heard terminate off the same ep as the blasted remix, the pizzacato violins are grime avant la lettre 10 years before the fact. One hammered by Doc Scott at the time and maybe going some way to illustrating that techstep is not as alien to jungles lineage as we think, although I could probably pick better 92-93-94 tracks to illustrate the point. Also the organs in this are so woozy and fucked, unlike prog house at the time which in trying to sound sophisticated made those organs sound nothing but plastic.