Thursday, February 7, 2013

tom and jerry, and nothing but tom and jerry

an oldie but goodie by dj extreme of Hardcore you Know the Score bloggg

via Drum Trip

track list

01 The One Reason [SHELL001]
02 Physics [SHELL002]
03 The Second Reason [SHELL001]
04 Baby Don’t Shout [SHELL002]
05 Papillon Love Song [SHELL003]
06 We can be Free [SHELL002]
07 A patch of Blue [SHELL003]
08 For the Gold Teeth (F.N.T) [SHELL002]
09 B.O.S. Realting [SHELL003]
10 Let your spirit Rise [SHELL004]
11 Cat got your Tongue [SHELL003]
12 Programme 205 [SHELL004]
13 Scooby’s Dreaming [SHELL005]
14 Strings & Me [SHELL004]
15 Nine Lives (mind out tube mice) [SHELL005]
16 All alone with Dog Face [SHELL006]
17 Yamming snacks like Shaggy [SHELL005]
18 Sun on my Head [SHELL006]
19 Mousetrap (dangerous) [SHELL004]

a few things missing  - this first one is a bit of a major omission in my humble

so i guess Tom and Jerry was 4 Hero's crowdpleaser alter-ego...   the outlet for tunes that were rinsing and pretty, not experimental or out-there - low-pressure output, maybe, knocked out quicker, without that self-imposed self-daunting expectation of surpassing themselves, breaking new ground each time  (which would explain why T&J was shunted out, in great volume, via a different label, Shell, not through Reinforced itself) 

then again - this one is pretty weird and abstract - so maybe not - maybe the lines got blurred


droid said...

He's a great DJ, worth checking all his sets here: Also, Id give him some leeway, some of those 12"s are ridiculously expensive now, and are often a bit of a pain in the hole in the mix. 'All of my' is a personal fave.

Hardscore said...

Thanks for posting my mix :)

If i remember correctly, this was recorded on my old Jungletrain show which was 1 hour, it was suppose to be only the early releases.

I have the others but never got round to doing a part 2.