Thursday, February 28, 2013

"House was everywhere in 2012 like it was a new idea. Like it had just been invented. Like it had something new to say! Sadly, as someone who first discovered house several decades ago (rather than just when dubstep fell off) none of these felt true and its stiff, stifling formula sleepwalked waves of former bass-heavy advocates into a sea of mediocrity.  Rather than drown in it, I broadly chose to swim elsewhere"

chortle! sfunny cos it's true....  from this survey of dance music in 2012 by Blackdown aka Martin Clark

he recommends a heap of tunes, including a couple of jackin bassers that get past his electro-house- antipathy barricades (accepting jackin' when it's tracky -- isn't that to miss the point of JB a bit? what do you say, Dominic?)

but mainly repping for what he calls 'dark' which i guess is dark garage, which i guess is early Horsepower / "Dilemma" / Narrows

 i must say it doesn't sound a whole heap much further on from 2001 but it's quite vibey

and naturally there's lots more subdivisions, mapping out of interzones and overlaps, convergences at various strata of b.p.m.

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