Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pretty good cover version of "Good Life", but the absolute best bits of it are the bits where it sounds exactly like the original - i.e. when the Glancing Light Beam Riff comes in.


Inner City are actually a band I've seen perform live, which is not something I can say of many techno or house legends. At Heaven, in early 92, when they were promoting stuff from the third LP Praise.

An uneasy mix of vocal house and hardcore.

This track though is a decent stab at the bleep sound (North of Watford mix, nice one Kev)


Kevin Saunderson was never afraid to move with the times, he had that primal gotta-shift-some-units instinct.... in that sense had more in common with Todd Terry than with the other two Bellevillites

As Tronikhouse, he went all out H-core - indeed put out a 3-tracker titled Hardcore Techno.

Wish he'd played those at Heaven. Instead it was all stuff off of Praise.

"Praise" itself came in a million mixes...

Back to Inner City's one true Moment   ( and yes I never quite saw "Big Fun" as in the same league of sublimity) ... Parts of that Kaori remix seem to involve doing "Good Life" in a style that predates Inner City. e.g. the phased-vocal-disco of Raw Silk "Do It the Music" or something vaguely Brazil-1970s or sultry percussive Sleeping Bag-esque...

couple more mixes

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Julian Bond said...

Got a special fondness for this one.
Kevin Saunderson feat. Inner City - Future (Kenny Larkin Tension Mix) from late 2011