Thursday, December 19, 2019

that man Malcolm again!

every year, two or three times I'll hear a new rap song on the radio that samples the hollering-into-an-echo-chamber bit at the start of  "Buffalo Gals'

it's one of the most widely sampled sounds in pop history - an actual talisman and touchstone in hip hop, which is pretty remarkable given that Malcolm McLaren he got no rhythm (at least according to Trevor Horn, who says he had to tap on Malcy's chest to keep him in time during the do-si-doh with ya pardner "rapping" on "Buffalo Gals")

here's a hardcore rave example I just stumbled on

there must be scores more, in many many genres

here's a favorite occurrence, i guess notionally also in jungle (an influence on this album)

i could cheat and go and look at whosampled, but i'd rather see what my memory dredges up - and what parishioners proffer...

postscript 3/8/2020

appears in this Sublime song

as recently covered (sans the Malcolm bit) by Lana Del Rey

one of the great surprises of moving to LA is discovering that I really like Sublime (when they first came out, I couldn't stand them - but that was when I was living in New York and as disconnected from radio as everyday listening as I've ever been - and there is just something about Sublime's singles, the gait of them, that fits the geography and the weather of Southern California).


Spiro said...

Nookie 'Shining In Da Darkness' springs to mind

Ian_s said...

On those interviews Tim Cant from Computer Music magagzine did with Alex from Hyper On Experience (all parts on YT if you haven't seen them), he said that there were numerous Buffalo Gals samples on Assention.


that rings a bell, the 'Gals / Hyper-On thing