Monday, December 9, 2019

knickerless parsons

When I embarked on my Hardcore Heroes series, which only got to #5 when it was intended to go deep into double figures, Satin Storm were on the list.

But the Hero status is mostly for this one so-so-peculiar tune that entranced me when I heard it on the pirates in '92 - wobbling like some strange manatee-on-rollerskates creature

One of the first where I really grokked the Frankenstein aesthetic of ardkore, the way tracks were crudely sutured together out of portions of pop and whatnot

Had it on one of those Kickin' comps for years and then picked up the vinyl in the 1995-onwards scrabble-to-trawl-up-recent-history frenzy of old skool buying. Along with a bunch of other Satin Storm 12's, then going cheap and cheerful

I do like the Satin Storm logo

What else did they do that gets anywhere close to the "nicholas parsons nicholas parsons" tune then?

Or did he do, as it seems to be really Travis Edwards

(BTW I do know the sample is not saying "Nicholas Parson" but it was a widespread belief or perhaps a humorous wish that it be so - see this discogs comment:

"I was lucky enough to get a 12' original coy of this in Brighton once. It had 'Nicholas Parsons' written on the sleeve...."

This earlier EP has some good tunes on it

They appear to have been a performing unit, playing at raves presumably - with a whole troupe of dancers, judging by the label info here. Ten "Satin Storm Dancers"!

Apparently Travis Edwards was also a rave dancer - he would come onstage, with his girlfriend, when Break The Limits did PA's

This one is quite interesting, a little "intelligent"

The earliest stuff is more or less bleep

The uuurv requires a proper inventory, but for now, tips welcomed.


Charlie W said...

Let's Get Together is also a great , messy (as in it's a literal mess production wise)tune. Watch Goldie unleash it on a boat here

Think you also need to do a Hardcore Hero about Bodysnatch as well.

Charlie w said...

If you want to see some beautiful yet haunting images check out the Club Labyrinth page on Facebook. Joe Wiezcorek has posted loads of photos from the early days at the 4 Aces and they are a bit special.


yeah Bodysnatch were on the list - mostly for "Euphony (just 4 u london)" and "Revenge of the Punter" although the other stuff is cool.

i don't know anything about them

still many tales untold, figures who faded away

ooh will look at Labyrnth pix

Charlie w said...

Sadly, I believe this is Travis Edwards from Satin Storm


shit, for real?

if he was 61 in 2016, he would have been 36 in 1991 which is quite old for a rave producer - but who knows, maybe you're right

charlie w said...

He had history going back to the Crackers soul funk scene as a dancer with the UK's first all male, all black dance group Torso. I found this out from Mc Mc who i'm a fb friend with.


no way! amazing

MC MC - always loved that name

Charlie w said...

Cos his name is Maurice Capillaire!
Mc GQ? Cos he liked mens' style mags!
Not sure about Moose tbh.


the Maurice Capillaire thing is funny (sounds like a chansonnier in post-war France

- although i quite liked the idea that it was a deliberate redundancy, = ideally there should have been a DJ DJ and then MC MC could have been his partner

funny about GQ

i wonder if LTJ Bukem and Dr S Gachet ever had second thoughts about the probably quite arbitrary and impulsive name choices then they had to stick with

i used to find those names very mysterious when i heard them on rave line ups in pirate adverts

Fabio and Grooverider are quite naff names really - almost Smashy and Nicey

Unknown said...

I've just come across this after doing a quick search for Travis. I was shocked to see the report of his disappearance! I knew him in the late 80s when he managed Kick studios in Goodmayes. He worked on lots of other stuff at the time including the famous 'Tainted Love' by Impedance. I remember Maurice too. I was always at the studios, hanging around and contributing to tracks, usually writing lyrics. Travis was an incredible dancer. I lost touch before he formed Satin Storm so nice to hear this stuff. I hope he was found safe and well!

mediaeasier said...

I was good mates with Travis through the '90s. He was born in 1955, was prevalent on the dance scene in the 70s, and was still podium dancing well into his late 40 in clubs across the UK. Check out this advert at 10 seconds that Travis! I'd love a babysham.
Travis lived for music, played by ear, would hear a tune, and could instantly play it back. His musical and dance talent naturally led him to the rave scene, 90's then the house n garage in the noughties.
He married Miss Croatia, Ivona Brnelic, in the mid 90's then split after 5 or 6 years. Travis was a huge hit with the ladies. He never bragged but told me on the quiet that slept with over 2000 women during the '70s and '80s!
He remarried 2003 to a wealthy woman in Essex and we lost contact.

We had some crazy good times over the years, Travis was a proper character, some of the things he got up to and involved in would make amazing movie scenes today.