Friday, September 20, 2019

exploding diva-bliss

luv luv luv this particular vibe - bliss-2-dark - ecstasy edging into the panic-rush

late 1992 - 1993 - early 1994 are the temporal coordinates

[late addition via Sadmanbarty Dissensus thread on technological abstractions of the human voice)

happy hardcore continues the divas but the sense of shattering -  a dangerous excess - has left the music, leaving just fastbounce

meanwhile the ambient jungle carries on deploying divas - beautifully, but it's more exquisitely done,  in the classy style of all that Masters of Work type house

perhaps cos it's no longer pitched-up, but timestretched so it sounds more like proper singing, properly human

whereas the stuff that E-lectrifies, transfixes,  is the "closer to fireworks than soul" stuff

these would be cusp works on the edge between diva-distress and nu-smooth

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