Sunday, February 4, 2018

fuck off nutty tunes for fuck off nutty ravers


Seems very advanced for 1990

Sounds like 1992, nearly

Went to a rave club at the Astoria called Slime Time!, in early 92

Actually that flyer has jogged my memory -  the night was called The Breakfast Club (started at 5 AM in the morning on Sunday!) and the promoter was Nut-Nut Promotions, who also did Slime Time!. The venue  does appear to be the Astoria - same address, 157 Charing Cross Road  - but at that time was called Busby's. (Later the venue reverted to being Astoria 2)

Yeah I remember the promise of "plate-shaking"sounds!

Also remember seeing this slogan somewhere or other (maybe the club listings page of iD)

When we went it was all bombastic Belgian style riffage and gaunt short-haired youths slicing the air with gun-fingers

The idea of something  so ardkore being right in the centre of the West End seems somehow amazing in retrospect (but then a lot of the acid house kicked off from right in the centre of town)

Breakfast Club was also just round the corner - barely fifty yards I'd say - from the Mars Bar, where Speed would be based from late 94 - the West End location symbolising the return of the black sheep of rave into the fold of musicality and acceptance by the house-techno bods. To which, "gah!", yes... but it was a fab club it has to be admitted.

Fond memories of dancing to "Pulp Fiction" by A. Reese at Speed -  in its own slick rollin way the B-line was just as much a plate-shaker as anything from three years earlier

Actually another hardcore nuum club right in the dead centre of London - a minute's walk from Centrepoint - was Thunder & Joy, every Sunday in this basement under the YMCA,  a little ways up (and just off) Tottenham Court Road.

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in ate said...

it is 1992, the tape is labelled incorrectly. DJ Killer, btw, was a 12 year old DJ who had to be accompanied to raves with his parents. Wonder what happened to him?