Thursday, February 8, 2018

dan the man

Danny inventing the LG / GL aquasound four years ahead of schedule

well he already done it five years ahead of schedule, which is why they named the album after the track no doubt

nothing if not fixated, Mr Bukem

a remake of an unreleased track from 93 with a terribly misconceived title

listen to these next two, though, and what became so clearly a cul de sac in disappointing actuality, seems - for a moment - like an infinite expanse of possibility stretching out like a shimmering horizon, still

never registered the (Happy Raw) part of the title before!

the greatest d&B tune ever? certainly the greatest smooth-but-ruff

the beats on that are like... being beaten up by butterflies

best bongos ever

best breathiness ever

and of course it had to fade out like that - gesturing at infinity

runners up in the ruff with da smoov stakes:

adam f, "circles"
omni trio, "soul freestyle"
omni trio, "the elemental"
peshay, "vocal tune"
pfm, "one and only"
dave wallace, "expressions"
dave wallace,  "waves"

who else?

this one i disregarded at the time but it is not bad at all

the problem is that the sheer surprise of "Atlantis" and "Music" -  especially with the former,  its calm and oceanic immersiveness was like an ambush of gentleness when it would slip into the mix in '93  - became lost when you had a whole set of that sound, or album of that sound... when all the Bukem-a-likes / Bukem-lites came long, making washed-out watercolours in the mold of the Master

the contrast effect gone

that said, one of the best D&B deejay gigs i ever heard was Bukem in NYC playing a whole set of GL/LG material, blended seamlessly into a shimmering amorphous wall of homogenous bliss - really just like one long mega-track


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Tim 'Space Debris' said...

'being beaten up by butterflies'

I like that.