Friday, October 27, 2017

shadows of the past, hungry ghosts of the future

new blog Two Hungry Ghosts interviews John Morrow  about the legendary Foul Play remix(es) of Hyper On Experience's "Lords of the Null Lines" and also Alex Banks about the great but less played original track

(via Droid)

Ooh and there's an interview with Morrow about their Omni Trio "Renegade Snares" VIP remix too (Banks too, as he and the other Hyper On fellow engineered).  Two Hungry Ghosts man seems to be systematically going through the Foul Play remixography.

Lots of other cool stuff on the blog, which is kind of like a magazine -  Issue One, Issue Two etc -

Like this chat with Blame

And here's the second "Null Lines" remix with Randall joining the Foul Play boys

And here's the really ace original Hyper On track - sort of nutty-but-dark maximalism in line with their earlier releases

On the flip of the first Foul Play remix was this beaut

Did not know about these other "Null Lines" remixes

improperly titled that one - should be Cloud Nine featuring Ray Keith

That Photek one appears to be from 2006  - and has a kind of techstep / gloomcore circa 96 quality

And what's this then?

actually rather nice

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