Thursday, December 20, 2012

"a detailed trip through some of the year's defining tracks in electronic and dance music - from reductionist garage and construction-site ambient to junglist collage and quicklime grime" - mix by Rory Gibb who does the Hyperstasific column for Quietus

Gibbs introduces his mix / recap of highlights with this:

"This is a glorious muddle," said tQ's Luke Turner in his introduction to the Quietus' albums of 2012 list, referring to the current scattered state of popular music. Indeed it is, to the point that tracking any overarching narratives or strong trajectories in dance and electronic music this year felt exhausting and ultimately fruitless...  While there have been few concrete trends, 2012 has instead been notable for a hugely varied diaspora of great quality music unhindered by genre or geography"

yeah there's no doubt there's plenty of good stuff to listen while we wait for Something to Happen....

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