Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eno prophesies dubstep!

(with a little help from Glenn O'Brien, interviewing him for, er,  Interview magazine, in June 1978 )

Eno: “The other thing I’m interested in doing now is robot reggae. I’d like to get together with some reggae musicians and deliberately try to subtract the feel from what they’re doing so that they play in a kind of really stiff white way.”

O'Brien: “Dub is a step in that direction. Some of it is quite abstract.”

Eno:  "That’s right. Again there’s an incredibly extreme and interesting and sophisticated use of electronics that nobody seems to notice... "

Did you see that? "Dub is a step"? That is three letters and two spaces from DUBSTEP. So Eno prophesies the sound-concept of dubstep, and Glenn O'Brien near-as-dammit NAMES THE YET-TO-EXIST GENRE. In 1978.

Bow down ye to the mighty Eno... 

(In the Interview interview he says he is planning to make a dub album, just one of countless things he talked about doing that he never got around to, because he was too busy doing other amazing things)  

Here's some things from an album he started but never finished, Music For Healing, with Robert Fripp -- bits of which eventually surfaced on the The Essential Fripp and Eno collection in the mid-90s.


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