Saturday, May 18, 2024

Ich verwurzele mich streng


(via Dan Selzer)

Love the ultra-New Wave - or I should ultra-Neu-Deutsche-Welle - sleeve with that type-on-tape, sticky-back print-out ribbon 

[goes looking on t'internet]

Label Embosser is the technical term. One of these jobs.

Compare with

Very limp follow-up


Anonymous said...

that totp appearance by Anthea and Donna is so cool, one of the best, i love their outfits and accessories, no idea what the look is called.

Of course the song is fantastic. German reggae never caught on unlike the Swedish version courtesy of Ace of Base. It's funny how reggae was everywhere in the late seventies and eighties as just another style of pop, it was almost ubiquitous, everyone had a reggae track. Now. It seems Jamaica has fallen off the pop map, so to speak.


Such a huge part of British pop all through the late 60s and 70s and quite a ways into the 80s with Musical Youth and such.

Growing up, there always seemed to be at least one 'proper' reggae hit in the charts at any given moment - Althea & Donna, Junior Murvin, Sugar Minott, Marley & Wailers obviously - and then all the kind of stuff influenced by it - The Police. 2Tone. UB40. Even 10cc doing 'Dreadlock Holiday'. Or before that Eric Clappedout doing "I Shot the Sheriff", which was one of the early pop songs I really liked - and had no idea that it was a Bob Marley cover.

Eddy Grant!

It carried on as half lives until quite recently - Lily Allen's stuff is about 50 percent lover's rock, essentially.

Or earlier SL2 with "On A Ragga Tip"

عروض السفر said...

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