Sunday, March 31, 2024

No Fearon

Tuff little unit of a tune at the intersection of bleep, hardcore and UK tekno 

"To The Core" - you gotta like that title 

"Drums Of Peace" rounds out this tasty 3-tracker

Uncle 22 = Desmond Fearon - co-founder of  De Underground Records, Forest Gate hardcore label of renown. 

Any relative of Phil Fearon, one of the founders of Production House? 

Uncle 22  did an album very early on in the UK acieeed-and-after story - 1989. 

On Alex Paterson & Youth's label Wau! Mr Modo

Of course, junglists know the name Uncle 22 mostly for this 

Is this some kind of prototype version? 

With Navigator

This remix is the more famous version of "6 Million",  I guess

version galore

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M said...

This is the first time I realized that the Galaxy/Hi-Tension Phil Fearon was involved with production House. Amazing.