Friday, March 10, 2023

"Certified Tumpin Neuro"



Thirdform said...

nah nah with this stuff you really have to go into the zone of fruitless intensification. No half way compromises, it's like free jazz or thrash metal in this regard. The colder and alienating the better.

Data 2 - Crystal Meth

Alpha Omega - Militant Thoughts (proper neuro avantgardizm!)

Thirdform said...

Spirit - Chapter 2

This tune is fuckin sick (as in evil, disgusting) man, like being dragged in reverse through shards of glass in cyberspace. What I always wish psychedelic trance sounded like but never would cos of its cultural demographic.


I haven't even listened to that mix, Third - was just amused by the "Certified Tumpin Neuro" slogan! Like, why is it "tumpin" and not "thumping"?