Thursday, December 1, 2022


Well who knew there was an early "Terminator"?

(Well, I didn't)

Seems like there must be other ardkore / darkcore / jungle tekno songs titled "Terminator" or that sample from one or other of the film?

Or indeed some gabber cases


Matt M said...

OK - but not one of Doc Scott's best. That same sample used on NoW's Aftermath - which I think comes from here:

Another take on Goldie's classic here:

Unknown said...

A couple off the top of the domepiece

NRG - The Terminator - 1991

Really nice use of the main theme, sampled in this (around 2:40) along with poltergeist & anita ward samples. Great tune.
Biochip C - Hell's Bells - 1993



Nice suggestions Will

Yes Matt it's not one of the Doc's greatest - it's bit fixated on the one riff

Isn't the much used "something I feel" from the Cuba Gooding Snr version of "Happiness"?

NoW has a whole bunch of vocal licks from that e.g. "something unreal" "something going round my head" , "started again" - possibly "my vision is clear" too (that's definitely been used by somebody) . it's a sample-seam almost on a par with that Loleatta Holloway choice or the First Choice song

now this is something I didn't know - the original song was written by Brian Auger


is this your own writing Matt? Good stuff - "estrangement engine" i like

a site to explore

Matt M said...

"Cuba Gooding Snr version" - I believe you are correct

"is this your own writing" - it is. thank you!