Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Original Chaosist

Beggars belief that he didn't release this in the Nineties. 

                                    I assume it was made in the '90s

                                    Stylistically, I'd peg this as 91 or 92 

                                    Bleep adjacent

                                    Anyone actually know? 


Russ Tuffery said...

Damn, this is so good. And I say that as someone who otherwise listens to Keith Jarrett and not much else these days.


What would you recommend as entry point to Keith Jarrett? I've never been able to get into him.

Russ Tuffery said...

After many years of listening to his ECM output, I've only recently discovered his so-called American Quartet, which was operative from about '71 to '77. Features Ornette alumni Dewey Redman and Charlie Haden, and Paul Motion. I remember you once said about Can's "Soon Over Babaluma" that you wondered why you listened to anything else. I feel the same about this stuff. In fact, I'm kicking myself because I could've been listening to it decades ago instead of having discovered it in the last year or so. "Shades" and Mysteries" might be the best entry point LPs. Also, "Keith Jarrett and Gary Burton" from '71 is great. It's like American meta-music: an amalgam of rock, funk, country, Latin.

Anonymous said...

Re Jarrett, I would add "Spirits" - a double album of solo vignettes on various instruments created by Jarrett when he was recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome and attempting to teach himself to play again. my own gateway to Jarrett was hearing his Joni Mitchell cover of "All I Want" on "Mourning of a Star."


cheers for the Jarrett tips!