Monday, May 30, 2022

The Armpit Foghorn


Don't ask me why, but for some reason whenever I hear the blare-blast stab in this tune (first kicks in at 2.09), I always picture stink lines radiating from an armpit, like in a comic strip! Or maybe in a 1970s advert for strap-hangers on the Tube who forgot to use their Mum roll-on that morning and are ripely assaulting the nostrils of fellow commuters....  

This remix is marginally more exciting but just as stinkazoid 

Whereas this Doc Scott remix is deodorized 

Sometimes the imagined source of this infernally exciting sound is more like a hybrid of an armpit and a foghorn!  

This Pulse / Foul Play collision takes the armpit-foghorn stab and makes it even more pungently full-frontal and nasally invasive  - check 2.30 for the full blast

original also stanky

Mum roll-ette at work in clubbing context

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