Friday, July 31, 2020

peace of mind piece of memory

one of those early 94, back in the UK (after living in NYC for 18 months) tracks that blew my mind - sounded so fragrant, so spring breezy on the pirates in January, February, March - listening in the kitchen in the Belsize Park flat

"Music Box" = my kind of jazz jungle - sparing

never thought til now to wonder where the sample is from

this one, from the same sort of time, another favorite with a similar vibe, but less chilled - more disjointed - a panicky bliss

but no one seems to know the sample sources

once, after we'd moved back to America,  so later into the Nineties, I was calling up some doctor's office or official building of some sort or other, and got put on hold - and then I heard it, as muzak - the original sample-source as used by Gappa G and Hyper Hypa!!!!  it got played over and over (they kept me waiting a long time)

but there was no way to find out then  - no Shazam

I think the Ron version was the mix that got the play and that I particularly loved but there were many others

Some rate the Bizzy B highly

Hyper Hyper getting remixed by Hype - could be confusing

Think there was some kind of double-pack, two 10-inches in a gatefold job maybe

ah i was right 

i have it but i'm not sure with the pic sleeve

now is this the original or the Ray Keith? (the labels got mixed up apparently)

This (people seem to agree) is the actual original original mix

it's great - only a notch behind the Ron version

And then this...

(there were also a bunch of later remixes i discover, from after the enshitenment of d&b, so with useless skitter beats underneath)

I don't know anything about Gappa G and Hyper Hypa

How interesting!

"DJ/Producers from Luton, UK. Played on Herts pirate radio station Perception FM." 

Luton - not far from where I grew up. Another Hertforshire/hardcorecontinuum connection (Omni in Hatfield, Moving Shadow in Stevenage, Source Direct / Photek in St Albans, others too I think)

Perception FM! Had no idea there was ever a Herts pirate -  I would have stayed up all night secretly at my parents, on visits back to Berko, to tape it, if I had known. 

They did loads of other tunes, Gappa and Hyper

This is the next best after "Information Centre"

But I came in with "Music Box"

What about its remixes?

Is that the only one? It's very subtle. I suppose how could you improve on perfection? (not that this has stopped umpteen remixers in any number of genres I suppose).

I must have got it only on CD (the last track on Drum & Bass Selection 1, that Breakdown comp)  because I have no recollection of its vinyl incarnation with this Krust tune on the flip


Pearsall said...

Funny synchronicity - haven't checked in on your blog for a couple months so decided to stop by and saw this; curiously enough I recorded a mix three days ago which has both the DJ Ron remix of 'Information Centre' and 'Music Box'. Nice little coincidence! The mix will be online next week and will drop you the link when it's ready.


i just saw your 3 month old hype mix which has his version in information centre in

Pearsall said...

yep! it's a great double pack

Simon M said...

Nookie was from Hitchin in Hertfordshire and had his Daddy Armshouse record store here (sadly long gone before I moved here)


no way! it is really a major nuum county. almost as much as Essex.

lot of overflow towns in Herts, new towns with londoners moved out there from the east end

Hemel is an old town that then grew a new town on its side, a carbuncle vastly bigger than its body