Monday, April 9, 2018

slaves to the raves

not a cover

perhaps hommage?

Marc Acardipane's favorite current artist

although current isn't quite correct since he's been putting out stuff since 1997

the original is still the greatest

but which one?

I think it's the PCP mix that I always loved

Never even heard these takes

what's this? earlier 'Slaves'?!

ooh quite exciting that one, a real slip n slider of a riff

and this is a later one

which has stolen the title, but the sound is stolen from DHS 'House of God'

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Didac said...

Umwelt is my fav artist. It's corrects, he made music since 97 but he started in early 90's in Lyon. I made a playlist with most of Umwelt stuff. His stylw is amazing, very charatheristic Umwelt: cheers