Friday, June 3, 2016

tribute to 320 MCs

Gone To A Rave celebrates 40 years of Rave MCs

Not sure where the forty years comes into it, but lovely tribute with lots of great clips of classic sets

Here's just one of them

Reminded me of this of course


heronbone said...

i first found out about your work by searching the interent for the names of jungle mcs and you were literally the only person on the whole internet to have mentioned them


ha! well it always felt like an integral part of the appeal of the whole thing to me, i was surprised when i came across people who found MCs annoying and wished it was just djs playing records. MCs are still an under-celebrated, under-discussed, under-theorised part of the culture i think, considering the immense amount of verbiage devoted to dissecting beat-science and bass etc etc.