Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mystery Track #4

Number Four in this series off mystery tunes I taped off of the pirates in the early nineteen-nineties -  my nickname for this one is "Feel Dis Bassline". Taped off Function FM in 1993, or possibly early '94.

Answers, suggestions, clues, guesses - all welcome!


And the answer comes almost instantly, from you guessed it, JJ at Deep Inside the Old Skool

Eternal Bass - Way Of The Future


Mystery Trax series is gonna take a little pause now as I am called away on urgent and upsetting business, but will resume in a couple of weeks - when hopefully i will find SOMETHING to flummox JJ and Droid

although i am v.v happy to get IDs on all so far - indeed that's the whole point of the exercise, so why i would want to flummox the old skool skolars I'm not really sure....

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