Tuesday, December 1, 2015

nice 'n' Screechy (does it, does it every time)




Or is it  Jim Squeachy?

Or even Jim Squashy?!

Never registered - or maybe knew once and forgot - that "Walk & Skank" = "On A Ragga Tip"

There was a promo video for SL2, I remember it faintly - black and white, hyper-hyper figures scuttling around, doing rave stage-dancer type moves ... Not on YouTube seemingly

Ah, here it is (cheers Eli Bee in Comments) - not black and white though (distortion of memory)

Did Mr Screech do anything else as superfine as "Walk & Skank"?

Love the YouTube write up on this - "from the double-LP-length digikal reggae opus "March Of The Gremlins" by Naram filled with gritty minor-key riddims designed to wreak havoc on the cogs of the Babylon system"

Better than the LP itself judging by this track anyway....

Ooh, vibey

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Eli Bee said...

Simon, you're losing it, the SL2 video is the first hit on Google!


It is indeed entirely made up of silly 90s rave dancing.