Tuesday, July 28, 2015

junglestalgia part 156 - "old-new" versus old-old (but once new-new)

producer Eveson tells FACT about his Dead Man's Chest alter-ego, specifically created as an outlet for 90s rave replicas like the Dreamscapes EP and forthcoming Nautilus EP
"As a kid, my main point of reference and window into the 90s rave/jungle scene (aside from the odd festival dance tent during summers; a perk of growing up in Glastonbury) was my mixtape collection – bought, swapped, duplicated, passed between friends and coveted above all else” 
“The music was steeped in mystery… beyond a faceless DJ name, I had no idea how it was made, who created it or where it was coming from. To me those tapes were simply 60-odd-minute aural collages, erratic and juxtaposed with soaring female vocals riding over ragga chants one moment and piano rushes rolling over bleeps and bass the next, all underpinned by machine gun breaks and smothered under the warm lo-fi hiss of a cassette tape.
“The Dead Man’s Chest alias is all about reimagining the vibe, aesthetic and my own personal connection to that era, writing modern compositions that stand alongside the music of today whilst sounding perfectly at home in the mix with the tunes that inspired their creation.”
a classic example of nostalgia for a time when you didn't feel nostalgia - when all that counted was the future-now
and a mixtape he done for FACT mixing up his own new-old tunes with actual old-old tunes (that were once actually new-new)


D Peat said...

this might be of interest to you, Simon



wow, that sounds incredible - i'll do a separate post on that project. haven't listened to it yet but the concept is pretty amazing.