Thursday, December 18, 2014


not in English and no subtitles but it doesn't matter

can't work out if this gabber doc is old or was really made in 2013 as it seems to say  - if it's about gabba now then the scene really is frozen in time

frozen, perhaps because it was the furthest promontory into the future....  a bridge incapable of extension (at least along that particular axis of extremism - speed / noise / assault / frenzy)

a bridge too far (Nightmare in Arnhem reference, apologies)

stop press: Steeve Cross says the doc is "indeed recent -  however it uses lots of 20 year old footage (early 90s) and you have those mid 30 / mid 40 guys talking about their youth as Gabbaheads. The footage from the parties is very like 1993-95-ish - hints: the video aesthetics/ the fashion/ the total lack of smartphones.  If it were recent, you'd see at least the phone screens flash here and there."

stop stop press: Roy de B points out helpfully that there are in fact subtitles in English you just have to click a button - never seen that function before

(tip off from Toby Reynolds, no relation, who knows a thing or two about extremes - he was  formerly known as DJ Scud, nowadays works with mountains)

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Matthew Ingram said...

If you click the subtitle icon - to the left of the cog - they pop up.