Wednesday, November 26, 2014

how about some nookie?

Met Gavin Cheung once, round Goldie's gaff on Englands Lane

This next is one of the greatest things ever.

To the bone

And this one.... ooh gosh

Not sure I ever even heard the original!

He done a lot, Nookie

Appy ardkore, as opposed to happy hardcore, if you get me.

But although most famous for uplifting bright-toned piano tunes, he could do dark rolling choppage

Why Return of the Donut?

Never heard this, Foul Play on the remix -  wait for the drumz!

odds n sods

and the Anthem


ahr2nd said...

This one's pretty good, too, though it's mostly forgotten it seems!


I was so excited by the idea of that Two On One series, but with a few exceptions it was all really disappointing I thought - it was the first indication that the drift to musicality and smoothed out ambient textures was not going to an unqualified boon.

Still got 'em though, the whole series. I think the Rufige Cru track was pretty decent dark-epic, and 2 Bad Mice also good. But an anthem-free zone...

Another Nookie 12 from that period I forgot which has the same encroachment of wishy-washy is "The Pedge" b/w "Blissful Ignorance". Bukem had a lot to answer for.