Thursday, August 22, 2013

old news, a/k/a the mystery of subcultural persistence

I wrote about psy-trance in 1998. and again a couple of years later (for Spin), but even in 1998 it was hardly a new phenomenon, it had been going for several years already

but here's Vice magazine trying to present it as newsworthy!

funny, people still doubt me whem i suggest that there is something eerily inertial about pop (and semipop and unpop and antipop) culture in the 21st Century

movements that don't move, that stay stuck

gabba coming back more or less the same, but with different names(hardbass, jumpstyle etc)

oh and crikey, here's Vice / Noisey trying to make GABBA newsworthy too!

Gabba, which STARTED IN 1992!!

what's up for Episode 3? Drum 'n' bass???!???

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