Friday, January 4, 2013

Jackin fanatic Tim Finney alerts me to this slinky unit

which he says is the solitary conspicuous absence from Datwun / Dom's otherwise "flawless" survey 

TimF concurs with D / D that "Lorenzo WAS producer of the year give or take azonto producer Ball-J" and directs me to Benny B's handy mixes of the two auteurs de jacquin'

 ah, that last one is actually a mix of Afrobeats - Benny B informs me.



Domuseswords said...

Haha, ace! Where'd you get those quotes!?
Absolutely love that Shorterz track, definitely was one of the tunes of my year.

Not sure why I didn't fit it on, possibly because the 'We Are The Stars' mix edged it for me.

Ben said...

thanks for linking to my mixes but careful, the Ball J one isn't Jackin at all, its Afrobeats from Ghana!